Benefits of Using Kombucha Extract

Today I would like to talk about the benefits and uses of Kombucha extract and why it might be the best fit for you.

So let me just start off by saying personally, I think there’s nothing greater than brewing your own Kombucha tea at home, because not just for the benefits of Kombucha tea, the ownership, the pride that a brewer will have over seeing a project from beginning to end, in my experience it has leaked to other aspects of my life.

Primarily, look at this, it motivated me enough to start a company, a website dedicated to ensuring your success to make Kombucha tea at home.

With that said, there are certain times, certain people and certain situations where brewing Kombucha tea just isn’t the most effective. I know for myself, I travel a lot, I know when I travel to other countries to source other teas and find out all these other techniques on how to incorporate other health strategies into my life and share that with you.

Kombucha Drops For Your Travelstravel with kombucha extract

It’s kind of hard to carry a Kombucha continuous brewing system on an airplane, it’s a lot easier to use Kombucha extract, why? Well Kombucha extract first off is about 1-2 ounces, it’s very small, can fit in your pocket, in fact it’s small enough that even with the travel.

Healing Mushroom Tea in Your Pocket

Even with the TSA restrictions it’s still small enough to bring it on carry on, which is pretty cool because a lot of time I travel light and there’s no need to pack the Kombucha in a luggage bag, you can actually put it in your pocket, while probably when they ask you to empty out your pocket you’d have to put it in the tray, but you can actually use it as a carry on item.

Very good also, that not only can you bring it onto the plane, you can use it on the plane as well. When you ask for your water or whatever, do add some kombucha drops in the water to make your mushroom drink. I think it kicks Air born, or whatever supplements they try to sell you on beating immunity on a flight.

Diabetics or Sugar Restricted Diets

Another use would be for diabetics or those who choose to eliminate all sugar, at least Kombucha related, into their diet, their lifestyle.

Kombucha does Contain Sugar

Yes Kombucha does have sugar, in fact we know it has a lot of sugar when we prepare it and then throughout that fermentation process that sugar gets converted, broken down into all these things that make Kombucha, Kombucha, but there’s still at the end of the day a little bit of sugar left.

How Much Sugar?

How much? Well we have other videos on that, but anywhere from 3-10 grams of sugar per serving, still a heck of a lot less than a soda let’s say, but there are some people that just don’t want any sugar into there diet, well Kombucha extract solves that problem. When you make the extract, you are essentially distilling out the sugar from the Kombucha tea.

kombucha drops on the goBenefits of Kombucha On the Go

A third reason why somebody might want to consider incorporating Kombucha concentrate into their lifestyle, either as a supplement or compliment of Kombucha tea, or as a replacement to home brewing Kombucha.

It is just easy to do and in terms of a price savings versus home brewing, it is again amazing.

Cost Saving

If you’re comparing it to buying a $5 bottle of Kombucha mushroom tea every single day, the cost per serving is dramatically less, it’s something that you can fit in your pocket and it has an unlimited shelf life.

Distilled Kombucha in the Palm of Your Hands

Of course I’m talking about the Kombucha tea extract that we provide, I’m sure all other Kombucha extracts, some of them are good, some of them are bad. I can’t though speak about their potency and their effectiveness and their shelf life, but our Kombucha extract, the benefits are no sugar what so ever, unlimited shelf life, it does not need refrigeration and in terms of traveling, it’s very, very convenient.

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