Kombucha Scoby For Sale and What Does Scoby Stand For?

In this video I’m going to explain why it is so important to really take the time in deciding where to buy a Kombucha scoby.

So first off, a kombucha scoby stands for a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.

If you are wondering what is a kombucha scoby, it is the thing (thing btw is the official scientific name LOL), that is added along with a little already brewed kombucha tea that ferments you fresh sweet tea, making it kombucha baby!

Scoby For Sale

When looking to buy a Kombucha scoby you have some options :

One –┬á you have the option of not buying a Kombucha scoby and seeing if a friend of neighbor has a scoby that they can give you and that is perfectly a wonderful decision, especially if your friend or neighbor has extra scobies and is willing to give you one and they have had success with brewing.

You definitely don’t want to get a Kombucha scoby from someone who has tried three times to make Kombucha tea unsuccessfully.

Two – if you do decide to buy a Kombucha scoby, you have a few options and I am one of them, this website, GetKombucha.com is definitely one option, but it might not be the best option, so where can you go?

Well they sell Kombucha on Ebay and they sell Kombucha scobies on Craigslist, as well as some of these other sites, I think Etsy is another one, and I know for myself when I began I sold on, not on Etsy, but I sold on Ebay as well as Craigslist and back then it was just me just so amazed by what was happening to my own experiences, I wanted to share it with others, it wasn’t a business, it wasn’t anything like that.

Buy Kombucha Scoby

I still try to run my site like that, but on Craigslist I would literally drive to people’s houses and homes and show them how to brew, so if someone bought a Kombucha scoby mushroom from me I would drive to their place and spend an hour with them showing them how to do that.

We still provide that value and service, just through instructional videos.

Fortunately, as cool as it would be to fly out to every country in the world, we have shipped a culture, literally, I guess I can’t say from all around the world, I’m sure there’s people in Indonesian that have never received one of our scobies, but it’s a really cool feeling knowing that scobies that we have grown are now really spread out everywhere to enjoy those benefits.

On Ebay, I sold on Ebay and that was a really cool experience, the challenge with Ebay was that, because I didn’t have a site, a lot of times people got their Kombucha scoby and then they’re like, well now what?

There’s really, when I look at a product and a service, I’m looking at how do we combine those two, it’s one thing to give someone a sewing machine, it’s another thing to give someone a sewing machine and show someone how to mend some jeans.

When you make a purchase from this site you are not just getting the best kombucha scoby to make kombucha. You also get me (I’m Dave), a happy go lucky dude who is crazy about kombucha. In fact, the only thing I enjoy more than drinking kombucha, is ensuring other peoples success… while drinking a kombucha!

Kombucha Scoby Recipe, Videos, Articles (ie SUPPORT!)

If someone gave me a sewing machine, I would not know what to do, so when looking to buy a Kombucha scoby, take into account the quality of the product, in this case a Kombucha scoby, and the quality of the service and support.

I can only speak about what we do, we’re in a licensed commercial kitchen, and as good as I was 5 years ago, we are the renegade super ninjas of Kombucha scobies, not because we’re so awesome, it’s because we’ve been doing it now for so long, and finally I would like to think our support is really second to none.

Happy Brewin,

Dave ­čÖé

PS: one way to look at it is, you are not purchasing a scoby, you are purchasing the ensured success that you will make free kombucha tea at home… and have a blast when you do it!

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