Calories In Kombucha

Hey gang.. lot’s of people have been asking me this question and as much as I love to respond to each of you personally, I figured “Hey, I should make a new kombucha video for everyone!”.  (yes, I actually say “hey” when I am talking to myself).

How many calories are in Kombucha?Calories in Kombucha

First off, if you are asking this, my guess would be that you are either focused on weight loss or you just love learning about all aspects of kombucha!  And of course, if you are looking for a true zero sugar solution for your kombucha, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of our sugar free kombucha extract. Well I will tell you this, the good news is that it’s a heck of a lot less than what you were probably going to drink had you not selected the choice of drinking Kombucha, what do I mean? Well a lot of people chose to drink Kombucha in replacement of soda, and soda I believe ranges from, I don’t know maybe 120 calories per 12 ounce and a heck of a lot of sugar, maybe 35 – 40 grams of sugar depending on the type of soda.

Kombucha ranges in calories based on several factors?

I can not give you a specific number because when you home brew there are other variables, for instance, the longer you ferment, the less calories your Kombucha will have, also the less sugar and it happens, what happens after you ferment when you go to bottle? What I mean by this is are you adding fruit juices and stuff to your Kombucha when you bottle, or when you enjoy it?  Because if you are, these will also contribute to the amount of calories in a kombucha tea. And yes, those will actually increase calories as well as sugar. I will tell you that a good range would be per serving, we’re looking at 8 ounces per serving, though when you drink your Kombucha, if it’s the first time you’ve ever enjoyed Kombucha, or if you’re drinking Kombucha for specific reasons and also if you’re slowly incorporating Kombucha into your body, you might want only to drink 4 ounces per serving.

Calories in store bought kombucha tea

If you’re having a bottle of Kombucha, at the store they sometimes sell it in 16 ounces, I would recommend drinking that 4 ounces, 4 times a day, so you’re consuming one bottle a day, broken up. Myself, I sometimes drink a gallon of Kombucha a day, so there’s no right or wrong, it’s how you react, listening to your own body and seeing what works for you.

Kombucha tea

Blackberry Kombucha.. I know you love this..

To answer your question though, kombucha tea typically has about per 8 ounce serving about 5 grams of sugar and about 30-40 calories primarily coming from the sugar that has not been converted. We start off with a lot of sugar when we begin our fermentation and at the end of fermentation stage, that sugar gets reduced, organic acids, probiotics, stuff like vitamins and minerals go up and everyone’s happy.

This is taking to account straight Kombucha when we’re looking at the recipe of water, sugar and tea and fermentation, see if you add fruit juice and other things when you go to bottle it will change the amount of calories in Kombucha, but either way know that it’s a heck of a lot less than the alternative of sugar, and not just from a calorie perspective, but from a nutrient perspective, a heck of a lot healthier for you. Hope this helped answer your question about calories and kombucha.  For more info on the amazing health benefits check out our huge top 10 list of kombucha benefits videos on our youtube channel here.

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