Kombucha Continuous Brewing Method: Easy, Safe, Fun!

ok… so today we are (FINALLY) going to learn about the Continuous Brew Kombucha Method.  The Method can be broken down to TWO ideas that change everything you thought about the ease and safety of kombucha brewing.

Continuous Kombucha Brewing Idea #1

Brew in a larger container, with a spigot.

I know.  It’s like a “why didn’t I think of that moment”! But something so simple makes brewing so much easier and safer.

For one, you no longer have to mess around with spilling sticky tea all over the place when you go to bottle because the spigot fits right into your bottle and you can open and close it with exact precision when filling up your bottle (without worrying about over flowing it).

The spigot also allows easy access for when you want to taste test your kombucha tea without disturbing your culture.

Gone are the days of having to remove your cloth cover and gently placing a straw into your kombucha jar to taste test each and every time you want to check up on your booch.

Now you can have kombucha on tap and taste your kombucha anytime you want it without disturbing your culture and running the risk of contamination.

Continuous Kombucha Brewing Idea #2

Flip the Fresh Tea to Kombucha Tea Ratio.

This is another “a-ha” moment.  If you have been following our class you already know that the original kombucha brewing home recipe ratio is 90% freshly brewed sweet tea to 10% already fermented kombucha tea (or as we call it starter tea).

If we use this ratio, what will happen is that as each day goes by the tea will ferment and over time the 10% starter tea will ferment the rest of the tea to be 100% Kombucha.

The Continuous Brew Kombucha Recipe STARTS with 90% already ferment kombucha and the extra 10% sweet tea that is added will ferment within 12 to 24 hours so that you can continuously have kombucha.

So the basic idea is this…  Once your Continuous Kombucha Brewer is filled with fermented kombucha tea, you simply draw off a 16 ounce glass of kombucha from the spigot, while at the same time replacing the kombucha tea you just drank with fresh sweet tea.

This is the definition of truly Continuously Brewing Kombucha.

Continuous Kombucha Fermentation Tip:

If you are going to use this method, and want to save even more time do the following.  Prepare a gallon of sweet tea at the beginning of the week and place in a pitcher in the fridge.

Then whenever you draw off a glass of your kombucha tea, you can simply replace it with the already prepared sweet tea.  The tea will last a little over a week in the fridge (about 10 days) but it is good to do a fresh batch each week.

Benefits of Continuous Kombucha Brewing

+ No sanitizing: There is no longer a need for weekly cleaning of your brewing containers, because the kombucha tea and SCOBY are never removed.

+ Substantially, lower the risk of mold: Since the kombucha culture will never leave its home of tea solution you literally decrease the chance of mold spores to almost zero! The kombucha culture will never be exposed to outside harmful elements.

+ Kombucha on tap whenever you want it: The continuous brewing method is designed to make drinking kombucha easy. Simply draw a fresh brewed glass from the dispenser system’s tap. It’s that simple. No pouring involved.

+ Cut bottling time by over half, with no mess: This one advantage alone is worth using the system. You will not only cut your bottling time in half, but because of the no pour design, you will literally eliminate all that sticky mess involved with bottling kombucha traditionally.

+ Make the perfect Kombucha Tea that’s right for you: Every brewer has their own preference to when the kombucha tea is ready. Some people like it sweeter, some sour, some more vinegary.

However, up till now, checking on you kombucha tea to see if it is ready for your liking has always been a catch 22, because as we learned from previous classes, the culture should not be disturbed. With the Continuous Brewing System, you now have complete control over the taste of your tea, without disturbing the culture.


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7 thoughts on “Kombucha Continuous Brewing Method: Easy, Safe, Fun!

    • excellent question! even though we recommend getting everything at the same temp (ie the culture and tea at room temp).. if you are only replacing a small amount kombucha tea from your brewer with the same small amount of fresh tea from the fridge, you will not do any harm. This is an excellent method, as you can make 2 gallons of fresh sweet tea once a week and store in the fridge and every day draw up to 8 to 32 ounces from your brewer and replace it with the fresh tea (if you are doing 32 ounces, I would recommend repalcing 8oz spread out 4 times a day). Dave 🙂

  1. I want to start the continuous brewing. I saw a 2 and a half clear plastic container with a spigot in Walmart. Would that work? Would the container have to be full to work right? What do you think?
    Would it have to be covered to be kept dark? I’m just trying to save some money. Also, I understand that you just leave the same scobie in place. Do you just let it grow, and how long before you have to take some of the scobies out. Thank you. I really like the Kombucha and drink it every day. Thank you so much for your lessons. Ruth Beverly (I have been away for 2 months)

  2. I enjoyed your classes, thanks for sharing your knowledge!!
    My 1st brew is complete and I want to do the continuous brew. Do I have to worry about disturbing the scoby when I add the new sweet tea?

  3. I bottled my first batch of double fermentation from my continuous brewer.  What do you do with the baby scobey that is at the top of each bottle??  Leave it in the bottle or lovingly put it back with its mother in the brewer 🙂

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