Does Kombucha Give You Energy?

I’m an Energyball

does kombucha give you energy?Does Kombucha give you energy? I am living proof that Kombucha gives you energy. My Jiaogulan Thailand Adventure is just one evidence that I am an energyball.  To be fair though, I was already pretty energetic before drinking Kombucha, but yes in my opinion and opinion of a couple thousands of people that have emailed me through the years of doing what I do, yes Kombucha gives you energy. Now let’s look at the scientific reasons why.

Kombucha Contains Vitamins & Minerals That Give You Energy

Does kombucha give you energyWell Kombucha has vitamins and minerals, does it have the same amount of vitamins and minerals found in Mega 10X Bottle-O-Vitamins, with the big purple pill and you have to take 6 of them and they sell for $20 a bottle, does it have the same amount?

No, not nearly, in fact the vitamin B levels in Kombucha are almost negligible, by that I mean pretty small, but one of the thing I always speak about with Kombucha, is that I look at Kombucha as a vehicle, what do I mean by that?

Kombucha is a Vehicle?

Well anything that is astringent tends to enter our blood stream quicker, anything that’s also carbonated also speeds up the absorption rate, things that are naturally good, like probiotics, like fermented foods, unpasteurized, raw foods, get into our body quicker. Well if those things get into our body quicker and they’re bringing along the vitamin B’s and the minerals and a huge amount of other organic, healthy acids, don’t you think those things also get into our body quicker?

So our body has a chance to absorb it before we piss out florescent neon yellow, a lot of those pills may have a thousand percentage of vitamin b12, but how much of it really gets used by the body?

The Real Kombucha Energy Question

So does Kombucha give you energy, my answer is yes, the question is, have you tried Kombucha? And does it give you energy? Let me know in the comment section below!

And if kombucha does give you energy, is it too much energy?  In other words, I know some people who drink kombucha and they are up all night.  If you are one of those people and think it is because kombucha is traditionally made with caffeinated tea leaves, you could try making your kombucha tea at home with a caffeine free alternative such as Rooibos tea.

Rooibos comes from a South African red bush and although it is not tea in the truest sense (btw a fancy name for tea is camellias senensis), it does share several common traits that are similiar such as tannins that the kombucha culture can use to convert to nitrogen to ferment into kombucha, only this time with out the caffeine.

If you are new to making kombucha tea at home, you can learn how you can brew your own Kombucha tea at home and stay energized throughout the day by going to this link. 

Happy Brewin,

Dave 🙂

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