Does Kombucha Have Alcohol Or Can Recovering Alcoholics Drink Kombucha Tea?

A friend of mine wrote me the other day and asked does kombucha have alcohol and can recovering alcoholics drink Kombucha? And here’s the thing guys, that’s such a personal decision, Kombucha does contain alcohol.

Usually if you’re home brewing and you’re following a basic recipe or especially now if you find Kombucha in the stores, because there was some regulation passed, you’re looking at 0.05% alcohol.

So if you are asking does gt’s kombucha have alcohol it is an easier answer to say what that kombucha tea alcohol content might be.

Kombucha Alcohol Content At Home

does kombucha have alcohol

If you’re home brewing and certain factors, if you add a little too much sugar, or depending on the temperature, the yeast might be a little more active when you go to bottle and you let your bottle sit at room temperature for an extended period of time, you might get higher levels.

The levels that will still be, should be, way, way lower than a beer, so to speak, however, it’s my experience from what I’ve known, I’ve personally never done a program or anything, but even things like non alcoholic beer, might not be the best for someone that is a recovering alcoholic, because that small amount of alcohol might lead to a larger amount of alcohol.

Can Recovering Alcoholics Drink Kombucha Tea?

I would say if you are a recovering alcoholic, know that it does contain alcohol, this also is true for certain people with religious or spiritual beliefs of not to consume any fermented foods or any alcoholic beverages, depending on what your values and beliefs are.

I will though also say that I have a different friend who is a recovering alcoholic that’s been clean for about 15 years, has no problem drinking Kombucha and in fact he loves the idea of drinking Kombucha because he gets that astringent taste. He gets something a little special now when he is at a dinner party.

A lot of times alternative beverages for people that choose not to drink alcohol, at certain social events, are not the best options, you get club soda with a lime in it or soda, that’s probably not the best thing for us, so it’s a nice alternative.

Really the choice is yours, just know the facts, so that you can make the right choice for YOU.. and the facts are that

  • Kombucha does contain a very small amount of alcohol, assuming that you’re brewing the basic way.
  • There are ways to make Kombucha have a high alcohol content, we’ll cover that in more advance videos and
  • People have also experienced the flip side of reducing their alcohol intake in their consumption because they’re getting that astringency, that bite, that fizzy-ness that they might have gotten from other spirits, beers, things like that, from Kombucha.

So there you have it.  Hopefully you can see that I am very happy to answer the first question on whether or not kombucha contains alcohol, and as for the second question I am a huge fan of personal choice and also a huge fan on making sure peeps have the right info (and try my best to be unbiased when I can on that info) to make that personal choice.

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