Is Kombucha Easy To Make?

Question came in, is Kombucha easy? The answer, shortest video response ever, yes, so let’s see why. Well let’s see the components, how do you make Kombucha, what are the ingredients in Kombucha? It is water, pretty easy enough, thankfully at least people we live, in my community, where water is pretty easily available. Tea, now you can use other things besides tea, that gets a little more dense, we call it a nutrient solution. You could call it a source for nitrogen and ______ and other minerals and vitamins, but again we want to make Kombucha easy for the people that are listening or watching or reading this, so tea, so we got water, tea, sugar. Now don’t freak out, the sugar, most of it, like 90-95% gets converted into all this awesome stuff. Then we got a little bit of already brewed Kombucha tea, already made Kombucha tea, to, when you start brewing it, bring down the PH level making it preserved so you can brew it at room temperature and a Kombucha culture, Kombucha mushroom, Kombucha scoby, Kombucha mother, all different things Kombucha, but basically they’re all, by the way what I just said, they’re all the same name, all synonyms.

So it’s five things, you mix it all up, you put it in a pot for the sugar and the tea to infuse in the water, let it cool down, put it in a brewing container. Put some cloth or some type of breathable material, not too breathable, so don’t use cheese cloth or anything like that, a paper towel works, and wait 4-12 days, testing it every once and a while, you got Kombucha, that’s it. Now is brewing awesome, delicious Kombucha that’s fizzy and beneficial consistently easy? I would say it’s also easy, not as easy as just brewing Kombucha, making Kombucha tea, but here’s the thing guys, the whole point of, was to make brewing easy and fun, to then get you motivated, if you decide to become a master brewing ninjas, to then go into more of the science and the control and talk about specific types of sugar, specific types of tea, specific water temperatures, specific, specific. Anyway, so I hopefully that answers your question, if you could bake a cake, you can make Kombucha and I’m not talking about a homemade cake, I’m talking about like a Duncan Hines, open the bag and mix variety. Hope that answers your question, is Kombucha easy?

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