Kombucha Alcohol Level | How Much Alcohol Is In Kombucha Tea?

One of the biggest questions I receive is how much alcohol exactly is in Kombucha and it is a loaded question because there are so many different factors that determine that amount of alcohol levels.

These factors are mainly how much sugar you begin with, how much sugar you end with, how much the temperature is, meaning like how high the brewing consistency is, how long you let your Kombucha tea ferment for and when you go to bottle your Kombucha tea, what the temperature is of that as well.

Those are just a few factors, generally following the basic Kombucha recipe that we have on our site, you’re looking at if you’re a home brewer, you’re looking at around 0.05-1% alcohol content, what does that mean?

Well a beer is usually anywhere from 3.5-6%, so at high levels Kombucha let’s say is 1% if you’re home brewing, so it’s about a quarter to a fifth of a beer, so drinking a 12 ounce bottle of Kombucha is like drinking 2-3 ounces of beer.

Does That Mean Every Kombucha Alcohol Percentage Is That High?

kombucha alcohol content synergy in wholefoods
So does that mean that all Kombucha has that amount of alcohol?

No, there are certain specific techniques that you can do to increase that level of alcohol. Here’s the thing though guys, you need to pretty much go out of your way to do that.

Now in some situations it’s preferable, I know for myself, I’ve experimented, it’s kind of cool to have at a party Kombucha wine, it’s a nice alternative to incorporate Kombucha with other spirits to create a Kombucha-rita.

We have as a video and resources as kombucha alcohol recipes, but in terms of the general Kombucha alcohol level you’re looking at 0.05-1%.

I know there was some controversy regarding Kombucha being pulled off of shelves in big chain retail stores, grocery stores like Whole Foods and such and that was more of a labeling issue, meaning that there are certain requirements if you’re selling something in a retail food setting.

If it reaches, I believe that it’s anything, though it might vary state to state, anything over 0.05% has to be labeled alcohol, when you label something alcohol, you got to pay an alcohol tax, so that was more of a labeling issue.

Just to keep things in mind, if you took fresh squeezed orange juice and let that sit out for a few hours, you’re also looking at an alcohol content of around 0.03-0.08%, so all fermented foods have alcohol in it to some degree, Kombucha mainly gets converted though, if you’re following the basic recipe, the alcohol continues to get transferred into acetic acid, so the preservative effect is more of a vinegar preservation than an alcoholic preservation.

So why do you feel so good? Well how do you feel after you do yoga? How do you feel after you go for a walk? How do you feel after you get a good night’s sleep? When we’re doing something good for our body, we feel good, so that drunkenness is really just a sign of feeling good.

Kombucha Alcohol Percentage Is Still Your Choicekombucha alcohol level calculator

Now whether or not you should or shouldn’t drink kombucha because of of the alcoholic content in kombucha tea is definitely an individual choice.

I know some people’s religious beliefs prevent them from consuming any alcohol, and with regards to recovering alcoholics it is really a double edge sword.

I personally know people who have used kombucha to replace their alcoholic habits (look at Lindsay Lohan), while at the same time I believe that some 12 step programs are against any amount of alcohol toward recovery.

I am curious what you guys think about this.  Let me know by posting a comment below.


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10 thoughts on “Kombucha Alcohol Level | How Much Alcohol Is In Kombucha Tea?

  1. I want to make kombucha, but cant have any sugar. when we do have it we get angry. we can have juice . can I use a can of juice concentrate instead, just added to the tea water?:/ or will this make a higher alcohol content?

  2. I’m on the other side of the alcohol debate here; I WANT to brew an alcoholic kombucha! I’d like to brew one that comes in similar to a beer at 4-7%. Does anyone have a recipe or method for making it more alcoholic? Please let me know! Peace 🙂

  3. I came across Kombucha at a workshop, and figured I couldn't use it because of the alcohol and tea content. So glad to come across your site and find that non-caffeine infusions can be used and the alcohol content can be pretty low/non-existent.
    It would help me if you could explain what specific practices would minimize the alcohol content when consumed and what, if anything, a consumer can do to assess the alcohol content of a batch.
    I would like to be able to benefit from the good aspects of Kombucha, which it appears would provide a nice drink, B vitamins, anti-oxidants, and the purported benefits of vinegar drinks.

  4. I found your page in my search for the alcohol content in kombucha. It is in response to a news item where an elementary child was recently harassed and interrogated for bring home brew to school in his lunch (a police officer was called in w/o parental notification!). I have no idea what recipe the mom followed but I find it hard to believe the alcohol content could have been higher than fruit juice that has sat in a lunch bag for a few hrs. Mom put it in a glass bottle protected with a protective styro-sleeve. The school has re-enrolled this child back at school but I can imagine the mark this has left that child with. The District however is still deliberating what action to impose on the family. Can you believe how powerful school food policing is becoming?! They didn't even test the alcohol content of this child's beverage … just wanted to convict and show a force of power.  I'm sitting here enjoying a 16 oz bottle of Strawberry Serinity Synergy with "trace" alchohol. I compare the feeling of kombucha consumption as a healthy energy feeling (not caffeine feel) but a glass of wine makes me feel blurry visioned and thinking. Thanks for your info.  

  5. I too am in recovery, almost 5 years. The other day a friend of mine suggested I drink a bottle of synergy kombucha. I had never heard of it and thought what-the-heck. Well, a few minutes after my finishing the bottle I noticed an all too familiar feeling. I said to my friend, "I feel good. As if I got a itty bitty buzz, almost euphoric". I was not expecting her reply to be, "that has alcohol in it". I couldn't believe it! I momentarily freaked out in my head, but quickly realized I wasn't going to go on a bender or anything. So I decided to perform an experiment, the next day I bought the same bottle of synergy and consumed it. And, nothing. No euphoria, no buzz. I have since had quite a few more over the last few days and still, no mind-altering, or euphoric feeling. My decision is I will continue to drink it (because it is good and I think good for you), and just be open with my friends about it. If they stop selling it in stores or make you be 21 or over to buy it, I will cease drinking it. I will not brew it myself for fear of actually creating a wine by mistake. 

  6. Hello! I am also in recovery, almost 4 years, and just tried kombacha for the first time. I am not sure yet how I feel about it. I thought it would be great for my son and I to try because I we have digestion issues but now I am a little leary… I mean it smells like white wine! We have just a couple sips with our meal. I am going to do some more research. Thanks for the information!

  7. I am a recovering alcoholic and I love Kombucha. Although, sometimes I wonder if I love it so much because it gives me a buzz, as I haven't had alcohol in almost 4 years. ha ha.
    I figure studies show that a little bit of alcohol is good for you….and I'm not going to sit down and drink 12-18 Kombucha's like I would beer. So, I feel good about feeling good.
    I am actually going to start my first batch of home brew tonight. wish me luck.

    • Thanks for your relpy Ami, im in the program too with 2.5 yrs sobriety and i just fell in love with this drink 
      But I do notice the more raw ones give me a more relaxed feel/buzz.
      So i guess it's not a relapse since i dont drink more than one a day 😉

      • I am also in recovery this stuff is really dangerous recovering alcoholics. I drank one today while trying to write a paper for one of my classes. I couldn’t spell the easiest words and could not concentrate. I was feeling good and my first thought was this stuff is awesome I got to get some more. After that I knew this stuff was bad for me. I like feeling good and am very sensitive to how I feel. Maybe I just noticed because I was doing a difficult assignment that required high brain levels, but either way I would not recommend this to someone in recovery.

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