Kombucha Culture Recipe Questions: How Much Sugar In My Kombucha Culture

Today’s Kombucha culture recipe question is how can I measure the amount of sugar in my Kombucha culture tea?

You think the easy answer would be just start with less sugar or don’t add sugar, and that’s definitely a no, no.

Definitely do not use no sugar, Kombucha Culture Recipe Sugaryou could adjust your initial sugar slightly, there is a range, however keep in mind the sugar is not really for you, it’s for your Kombucha culture, Kombucha mushroom, scoby, whatever you want to call it.

Kombucha Culture Converts Sugar

Your Kombucha culture will convert that sugar, if you’re using let’s say, one of our preferences is organic fair trade, evaporated cane juice sugar, that, well the yeast will break that down into fructose and glucose.

Ok, just a heads up, we’re getting technical for a second…

That glucose will continue to get broken down by the yeast into alcohol and that alcohol will get converted into acetic acid and that glucose will also get converted into gluconic acid and other types of organic acids leaving you with acetic acid, some organic acids, gluconic acids, vitamins and minerals from both the sugar and the tea, as well as probiotics, all that fun stuff.

Okay, so now you are probably asking what if I don’t want all that sugar… even now that I know that most of it gets converted.

I personally don’t even think about this b/c I know if I was truly watching my sugar intake on a daily basis, I would cut out many things first before my kombucha culture tea drink.

Why? well, I wish this wasn’t the main answer but, because I don’t have the perfect diet, and for me it is way more important to cut out that snickers bar or ice cream tub once a week, than cut out 4 days of my booch…

In fact I have found that a little kombucha actually CURBS my sugar cravings!

But below are some tips to reduce the sugar in your kombucha culture for the times when you are doing a cleanse, trying to lower your sugar intake to the bear minimum, or on a candida diet .

(which by the way you can still drink kombucha during a candida cleanse, but there are 2 things you must do if you are… I wrote a kombucha candida review post a while back about Linda Allen’s book that you can read here).

Kombucha Culture Tea Sugar Tips

So the sugar though, how do we reduce the sugar?

Well you just simply let it ferment a little longer, so as you’re fermenting your tea, the longer you ferment the more than tea, remember we just spoke about in very scientific terms, continues to get broken down, right?

So that glucose will continue to convert into acetic acid and into gluconic acid and also a little byproduct, alcohol.

One way though to ensure, because there’s got to be a balance of well how do I get my tea then to taste good without it going too vinegary because the longer you ferment, the more sugar, but the more vinegary taste and that problem is solved in another article, called how to make your Kombucha tea taste really yummy through a secondary fermentation process…

ok, it’s a working title… 🙂

Happy Brewin,

Dave 🙂


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