Kombucha Mother Culture: What It Is and Where To Find One

Kombucha Mother CultureThe Kombucha mother culture is a living thing/thingy/whatchamacallit that is placed into sweet tea to ferment and convert it into Kombucha mother culture tea during fermentation.

One of the biggest controversies today (above race and religion… um, and above sarcasm) is that many people refer to a Kombucha mother culture as a Kombucha mushroom, when it is not part of the mushroom family.

Other names for a Kombucha Mother Culture include; Kombucha mother starter, Kombucha mother SCOBY, or just plain Kombucha Mother or even a Kombucha Baby.  There’s actually a bunch more but we will talk about that later.. just keep in mind that they are all the same thing (well mostly)!

A Kombucha Mother Culture refers to a kombucha scoby (btw, SCOBY stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), that is the original scoby you started with, while the kombucha baby is the new kombucha scoby that usually forms on top when making kombucha mother tea.

I realize that this may sound complicated if you have never made kombucha before.  Which is why the next thing we are gonna do, is MAKE KOMBUCHA MOTHER TEA!

How to Make Kombucha Mother Culture Tea

This is a basic one gallon recipe of kombucha tea(be sure to sign up for our free 7 day course which goes into more detail and more kombucha recipes!)

Stuff you need…

  • 1 cup of evaporated cane juice (you can use beet sugar, but why?)
  • 4-6 teaspoons of loose tea (you can use powdered tea bags, but why?)
  • One Awesome Kombucha Mother Culture, (where to buy kombucha mother culture?)
  • 1 cup kombucha mother culture starter tea
  • one gallon glass (you can use several options, like our Porcelain 2.5 Gallon Brewer, but for now let’s keep it simple)
  • paper towel w/ rubber band (this is to keep fruit flys out, while air for your scoby in)

#1: Make Tea

This is the tea base that will feed your Kombucha mother culture and ferment into yummy kombucha!

  • Boil 4 cups of water in a stainless steel pot
  • Add loose tea and steep for 5 to 10 min.
  • Strain tea into your glass jar and add sugar.  stir. dissolve. smile.
  • Fill glass jar about ¾ full with COLD water, which will help quickly cool down the tea to room temp.

#2 Add your kombucha mother culture

  • Then add your kombucha mother culture with starter tea.
  • You should still have a we bit of room in your jar.. maybe about an inch or two.  This is good as it helps with the kombucha mother culture getting some air!  So if you filled all the way up pour out a bit.
  • Cover and place in a warm location out of direct sunlight and away smoke, like the kitchen, etc.

Wait 7 to 10 days to ferment and presto!  Kombucha Tea!

Kombucha Mother Culture Tea QuestionsKombucha Mother Culture FAQs

How do I know when it’s done?

  • Gently insert a straw beneath the newly formed Kombucha Mother SCOBY and take a sip.  If too tart, then reduce your brewing time on your next batch.  If it is too sweet, allow to brew for a few more days, tasting frequently.

What should kombucha tea taste like?

  • Properly brewed Kombucha has a slightly sharp (acidic), not sweet taste.  I think it tastes like sparkling apple cider with a kick!

It’s been 10 days and it still doesn’t taste like kombucha yet?

  • Brewing cycles can vary quite a lot but are normally between 7 to 10 days but there are many facotrs that will effects your kombucha mother culture brewing time such as how much you are making and your brewing temps.  As long as you use a proper ration and a temp that is above 68, wait a few more days and continue to check.

How much sugar does Kombucha contain?

  • This varies based on the kombucha recipe and how much initial sugar you use and fermentation time, but most Kombucha Tea will contain less than a teaspoon of table sugar per glass… way less than soda!

How Do I Buy A Kombucha Mother Culture?

How can I bottle my kombucha and flavor it like the store kind?

  • I LOVE kombucha.. in fact I love it so much I created an entire site, blog, business, AND FREE 7 Day Kombucha Mini Course.  If you are interested,  sign up below and start making the best kombucha mother culture tea at home for pennies per bottle!


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