Kombucha Dog Tea or Can Pets Drink Kombucha?

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This is one of my favorite videos I have done, because I got to take it with my friend Sean’s awesome Weiner dog.

Actually, I think the proper name is dachshund, but you have to admit saying the words Weiner Dog, sounds pretty funny.

C’mon just try it a few times. 

No one is listening. 

Weiner Dog, Weiner Dog, Weiner Dog.

Ah… I digress. ok.. just check out the video below.

Alright, today’s Kombucha recipe question is, after I make my Kombucha, who else can drink it?

What other people besides humans? Well this little guy can, so Kombucha is safe for pets, however the best way to incorporate Kombucha for pets to drink is to add a wee bit gradually to their water, so in their little dish bowl just add about a ounce and notice any changes that may happen.

We’ve got tons of emails of pets really enjoying Kombucha. We actually have a video testimony of one of them, you can check that out.

Other Dog Kombucha Uses:

Aside from adding some kombucha into your pet’s water bowl, there are several external uses for kombucha.  Pretty much anything you could do with kombucha, your dog/cat/hamster can do too!

Additionally you can use Kombucha on your pet’s hair, fur, skin and next time you shower your dog or any other pet, give a little Kombucha rinse and you will notice a very nice skin.

I use Kombucha sometimes on my hair. I did a video about 4 years ago on Kombucha hair tonic, as well as using Kombucha on your skin. So hopefully that answers the question; Can dogs or pets drink Kombucha tea?

Bob stop licking me,


PS: Do you have a pet?  Do you shower him with kombucha love?  If so write your kombucha pet experiences below!

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4 thoughts on “Kombucha Dog Tea or Can Pets Drink Kombucha?

  1. My dog has a bad smell . I read that yeast causes that and I would have to change her diet to all natural food.I`m gonna try this and see what it does for her.I`ll let you know what the results are.Wish me luck!

  2. Dave, my 4 yr old Chihuahua has developed dark tear-stained eyes. After a visit to the vet and a prescription for a powder to add to her food, three months later she still has the dark stains. It was then that I began to research the cause and guess what – it’s red yeast, aka candida. So I have added a good dose of kombucha to her water dispenser and we’ll see what happens. I plan to take a picture once a week to see if I can document any changes. Wish me luck.

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