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Hey guys from March of 2006 till February of 2012 I have been providing kombucha instructions ad kombucha brewing supplies on a yahoo.com shopping cart.  Since updating and moving sites we have been painstakingly moving the site and product reviews and testimonies.. please note this is a manual project to copy and paste and format the reviews.  I even had to stop posting after 400 of them, b/c the load time of the web page began to slow down, but we will be posting an additional 400 on page 2 and another 400 on page 3 to archive even more past years as well as posting 2012’s very soon! – Dave

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December 2nd 2011
Connie J E

I found your link through a friend. The sign up was easily understandable and friendly. The writing style is simple with complete info, its good. I like the systematic instructions. I would like to see any more tips and tricks. Your mascot should have direct connection to Kombucha.

November 30th 2011
Anne B

I Googled Kombucha and signed up for the mini course. I found your way very easy. I would like to be convinced to make healthy, fizzy, delicious Kombucha. I think you are creative and full of energy. I found the mini course entertaining but you need to simplify.


November 29th 2011
Elsie D

I am pleased with all the info contained in the lessons. I appreciate this info, which helps me as a referral. I do not think it needs much change.

November 18th 2011
Albert J R

Your newsletter and instructions were very informative and have proved the value of Kombucha.

November 8th 2011
Lee J

Thanks for the mini course and the info. I would like to see more info on health benefits, more history, flavoring teas, the health reasons for each and more recipes.

November 7th 2011

I appreciate the Kombucha course. It made what I thought would be a daunting task much more approachable and do-able. I will most definitely recommend this course to others!

October 26th 2011
Sandy M

I found your free offer deceiving. The videos were distracting and not to the point. I could not make sense of your promotions. I felt the pricing about a discount is a trap. I found the instructions, ok. Good luck for your sales.

October 16th 2011

I heard about the mini course through your site. I would love to see more on the benefits that you have listed the recipes and the testimonies. I found the format easily readable. I found the accuracy and truthfulness of info are the key. Suggesting on mascot is not my area but just keep it real and honest.

October 4th 2011

We can search it easily on Google. It is very simple. I found it little too chummy and apologetic. The format worked for me. It was less time taking and information given was concise.

September 16th 2011
Tammy W

I learned from the store bottles kombucha and researched it. Your emails were very informative with the newsletter but expensive. Still researching and shared it with my family after making my own Scoby by adding a little vinegar in it. Thanks for the info.

September 13th 2011
Kevin R

I was introduced to Kombucha through a You tube Video. I tried it first locally from a health food store and discovered the difference with a clearer vision and more energy. I signed up for Dave’s 7-day Kombucha mini-course, which was very informative. I found the course and Dave very entertaining. Thanks for a great website. I am very intuitive and I can tell that “Kombucha Dave” has integrity and offers great products and great customer satisfaction! Can’t wait to get my Kombucha Continuous Brewing system.

September 1st 2011
Richard E

The website is very interesting with systematic learning. I still have query on Acidity, which you may not have fully explored. I want to use kombucha, but found no usage for canning veges using this. I wanted to know if I could substitute kombucha instead of vinegar for canning, as it is so acidic and better. I love the course and thanks for your job.

August 23rd 2011

Renea B

This has been a fun experience. Directions have been easy to understand.

August 22nd 2011

Hi there, I just love the mushroom tea. I have lost weight and my grey hair is going back to its original color. The energy is great. I don’t get sick as much and it works great on sunburns or other burns. I feel better than before. This is great. I keep my mushroom tea in the fridge in a glass tea jar. Thank you for the tea.

July 19th 2011
Patrick C

The course is different from other courses. It was witty and entertaining, apart from being informative.

July 18th 2011
Rhonda M

Thank you for having the mini course available to people who are new to brewing Kambucha like me. The course was informative, and funny. It taught me everything I needed to know to brew it correctly, taking care of my Scoby culture, correctly bottling the tea and then starting over. I feel I am extremely knowledgeable about Kambucha now. Thank you.

July 18th 2011
Susan R

I have loved the mini-course. You are a wealth of information and I especially appreciated the Q & A section. I am a first-time brewer and can’t keep up with the demand plus I have had 2 weak Scoby from a friend. I am considering purchasing the Continuous Brewing System. I also love your sense of humor – you make it look like fun! Now if I can just get the hang of it!

July 16th 2011

I heard about this site by Googling “how to make Kombucha”. I really like the way it was all written and put up. It made the author sound like a real person and not just some company guygirl thing. The coolest thing I learned was how easy it is to make!! Good job with the mini course!!

July 15th 2011
Alicia L

I found your ad on Facebook. I love your clear and informative instructions, and your wonderful sense of fun, which runs through it, giving it the same effervescence we all love in our kombucha. I’ve had a kombucha habit for a very long time now, and I am looking forward to both the savings and the superior taste of my own home brewed fizz.

July 12th 2011
Bryan P

The course was great.

July 12th 2011

I love kombucha and I love food science. This course had my name on it. I feel confident to jump in and brew my own. Thank you! This course will save me a fortune.

July 11th 2011
Alison W

Thank you! I do enjoy my continuous brewing system, Dave! Thank you for making it possible for me and my family and friends to enjoy kombucha that we make at home!

July 11th 2011
Mary K

I was searching the Internet and came across Kombucha.com. I have just completed the 7 Day Mini Class and it has been very helpful on breaking the making of Kombucha down into details, explains the benefits and other very helpful information. I already had ordered the Kombucha Continuous Brewing System so now with summer started and having completed the short course, I am ready to get started on brewing my own Kombucha, being healthier and saving a lot of money!

July 11th 2011
Mary R

The course is fantastic. I had originally purchased a kit from another company (sorry, didn’t know you were around) and began to brew my k-t. My friends thought I had turned into some kind of mad scientist, and at first I thought I had, there is so much info out there and all different, but after reading and following your course it made it so simple and easy and yes fun, I have just ordered my continuous brewing system. Thanks so much!

July 10th 2011
Marcus H

I have found the info on tea ingredients very helpful.

July 9th 2011
Catherine W

I accepted the invite via Youtube. It is a very easy system. The second fermentation was the coolest thing. The writing, style, and format are good mixture of humor and info with clear thoughts and very easy to understand. It is very important step-by-step guide.

July 4th 2011

Sam N

I loved this course, it was funny an insightful. The only thing I would change would be that it continued. I looked forward to each day’s lesson and it was a lot more helpful than the other sites I saw, thanks for the knowledge I can’t wait till my mother is up and running so I can start brewing.

June 26th 2011
Dorothy H

I like the free mini-course. I was surfing the net for kombucha info because I was going to receive a SCOBY from someone soon, and it had been years since I brewed kombucha tea. I came across your web site as I was surfing. The heating pad seemed like a good idea so I ordered one from you. That’s when I learned about your free mini-course. I have one large jar in the brewing process right now. I’ve been reading about your continuous brewing equipment and I’m really interested in getting one when the time is right. I hope that will be soon. It looks like it’s so much more convenient. Thank you for all the good information that is helping me get back into brewing my own kombucha tea.

June 26th 2011
Melanie E

I searched on the internet and your site was exciting to me. The sign up page was easy to do. The writing, style, and format are very easy to follow. I like it because it is easy to follow.

June 20th 2011

I came across your site via Google search. Great information on letting the tea sit before refrigeration. And that you should add ingredients only after it is brewed (I am thinking of adding ‘ginger juice’ or just pieces of ginger). The perpetual brewing concept is intriguing, just can’t swing it right at this time. But enjoy the positive energy of the site, and intend to keep reading, and try to get better and better at it (I bottle my third batch tomorrow; have two SCOBYs at this point). Much luck, and have a feeling will be in contact with your site in the future.

June 20th 2011
Eric M

When searching around online about Kombucha stuff, it popped up pretty quick. It was easy to use and pain-free. Interesting history and benefits of kombucha. The style is quite familiar. It is worth drinking.

June 20th 2011
Cheryl C

I really enjoyed your mini course. It was nice to get a small dose each day. The humor was a nice plus. It makes your web site feel homely and comfortable. I also watched some of your videos on youtube. I am looking forward to start brewing at home. I have to wait for another pay check to purchase. I am planning on buying the deluxe brewing system. I would have liked to have seen more information on the deluxe system in the mini course. If it had cost anything, I know I would not have stayed on your web site. Great for new customers!

June 17th 2011
Anita O

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information on kombucha tea. I have been buying it at around $4 per bottle, and about a month ago I happened to mention it to the cashier at Whole Foods who told me that a friend had given her some starter and she had made her own. Well, I was so surprised that I could actually make my own, so I saved all the bottles (they’re just the right size) and am learning all I can to get started making my own. I am so excided! I just can’t wait to get started.

June 10th 2011
Jeroldine L

I loved the directions you gave. I found you randomly surfing the internet and since I just came interested in Kombucha decided to try. I am anxious to start working on a batch of tea but have to wait until next month when finances will allow for it. I have never tasted Kombuch and only heard about it a month ago so must say I am anxious to get started. If you send me the free starter I could start sooner. I do want one of those continuous brewers but that is down the road. Thanks for the info!

June 9th 2011
Ashley H

I came across this via internet searches.

June 4th 2011
Jeannie D

I thought your 7 day course was very helpful. Although I have been a kombucha-er for many years, I have been without it for the last several years and just recently began again. Your course was a great refresher, as well as informing me of something I didn’t know; that there is a continuous brewing method!

May 26th 2011
Jamie G

I found about the mini course when I was Googling for places to get a free Mother SCOBY. It looks very straight forward and succinct. The sign up page is easy and looks professional enough indicating sincerity and legitimacy. All the information is available straightaway. The writing style is friendly and conversational. It is completely worthwhile.

May 22nd 2011

I came across this when googling. It has all good information in one place.

May 9th 2011
Sheila P

I found it on the internet. I liked the video on the sign up page. The cooling technique interested me. I found it very valuable.

May 8th 2011
Jeff C

I found it by searching on the google for brewing kombucha. The mini course confirmed my other research and put it in a concise package. The writing, style, and format were enthusiastic and positive. The course is memorable. This made it easy for me to refer and double-check the information.

May 6th 2011
Gopesa B

Thanks for the valuable info you share through the mini course. Well, I came to know about Kombucha through a friend who has been preparing his own for quite some time. I wanted to know more about it and did some search on the net, and came across your mini course. The information you shared is very concise and relevant for me, and I intend to start producing mine own soon. Thanks!!

May 6th 2011

Thank you for the kombucha mini courses that I so enjoyed and cannot thank you enough for such a tremendous wealth of information. I have saved all of them and plan to keep them forever to be able to reread them and refer to them in future. Your clear and straightforward approach re kombucha brewing kept me interested while gaining new information. I don’t recall how I was able to get on your email list but it must have been through some info I found online. It was particularly good to learn that once bottled and capped (I was not even capping mine before this) it should be left untouched for3-7 additional days to continue the effervescent process. I had been refrigerating and drinking mine immediately after the initial brewing time of one week. However badly I have approached kombucha brewing, just drinking it has helped me get rid of a serious case of scleroderma. My skin has regained its elasticity and it’s no longer torture to feel that awful tightness. I’m still plagued by Raynaud’s Syndrome and the aches and pains of arthritis but these symptoms are not as horrible as the tight skin. I have been preparing and drinking kombucha tea since the mid-90s (and plan to continue as long as I am able), but I was not aware of SO MUCH info that you shared—thanks again. I wish you all the best as you continue to spread the good news about kombucha. Your mascot sounds real cute. I think my own hair has improved with kombucha.

May 6th 2011
Morgan J

When I was trying to get some information on the internet about starting my own culture at home, as I spend a fortune buying kombucha at the store, I came across your course. I like that the sign up page is free and the fact that Dave is laid back and sounds like a real person typing. I liked the fact that I can brew many different batches at once using special brewing products. It sounds good to me. The writing, style, and format are very good, simple, straightforward, and casual. It is very valuable as it gives me confidence to start my own brew.

May 3rd 2011
Michelle L

I just set up my continuous brewing system and I could not be more excited!! The videos that featured Dave and Vanessa were cute. The mini course was helpful to meet my needs, and the packaging of the kit made me feel oh so safe in my decision to purchase! I have been an avid tea drinker for about a year now and herbals really make me happiest. I want to try lavender or jasmine in my sweet tea next batch!

April 29th 2011
Cindy A

Thank you for the FREE seminars, you don’t get much free stuff these days. I have had the opportunity to try Kombucha, at a local Weston Price Meeting; a local family makes it and bottles it. It was amazing. I have saved the videos for when I am ready to start my own. I just haven’t been able to afford to get the starter yet, as my husband has not been working since January. I think the videos prove to be very effective, because I am a hands-on visual person.

April 29th 2011
Ruth E

I learnt about you from your website. I liked the instructions since I have tried brewing before but ruined my scoby by putting it in when water was still hot. The writing, style, and format were fun, creative, and entertaining. It is a very valuable one full of information, such as informing at what temperature the scoby should be added.

April 29th 2011
Heather A

I heard about your course as I was looking up sites on kombucha. I had just started my first batch and was trying to educate myself a little more. The thing I liked most was the confidence the course built. There is a lot of good info out there, but this was kind of like having my hand held a little. Your information was clear and each class built upon the previous one. Thanks!!

April 22nd 2011
Scott M

I found it on internet. The signup page was easy to use. The coolest thing was about the Scoby. I liked the style, writing, and format. The instructions were easy to follow and to the point.

April 17th 2011
Emily K

I am interested in making my own kombucha. In fact, I am going to brew my first batch today. It has taken me about 3 weeks to make the SCOBY/mother. I signed up for this course last week and I’m glad I did! I am going to use the Kombucha recipe stated here (the sweet tea plus more distilled water to make it cool down faster). I also read about lots of useful tips and tricks to successfully brew my Kombucha! I liked the writing and format. The classes were short, and easy enough to read on my iPhone. I liked the casual tone with some humour and jokes added in! It was also nice that it was delivered to my email automatically. I did lots of online searches but sometimes the information is overwhelming. Then I forget where I was looking and can’t find it again. It’s nice to have it in email so I can go back to it. The recipe class (4? I forget) is open on my iPhone so I can make the recipe in the kitchen while referring to it. So green! No printing or paper needed. Woot! 😀 Thanks for the mini course! I’m excited to brew my Kombucha today!

April 17th 2011
Cathy R

I found your website when some friends of mine were telling me that they were going to make their own Kombucha. I found your lessons very informative, I was glad that I happened to find it as you were offering it for free for a time. I have bought kombucha from the store and have liked it and was excited about all the health benefits.

April 11th 2011

I searched the web. I appreciated the format. I liked the charisma and liked it when you used video. The idea and the delivery are good. I am grateful for my newfound knowledge on Chaga.

April 10th 2011
Cheri N

I was very interested in learning how to make my own Kombucha. I found the series very easy to follow. Being able to buy the kit to make and bottle the Kombucha without disturbing the starter is so convenient. Thank you for all the help in getting us started on a healthier life style.

April 10th 2011
Nichole P
I found it through Google. The sign up page is fine. I like the system you have for constant brewing. I liked the writing, style, and format. It is not confusing or annoying. I liked the information about how Kombucha is good for you and the key benefits of it.

April 9th 2011
Claudia W

I have a friend who has RA, rheumatoid arthritis, and was in a wheel chair inside the house. He has been drinking kombucha almost daily and is now just using a cane. After her testimony and observation from her sisters, I bought a case and the kit to make my own. It was easy with the help of the videos. Thanks a million for the videos. Made my first batch of kombucha, let a friend taste it on day 7 and her response was that it taste better than the one she bought. Today is day 8 and it seems it has a little more fizz.

April 6th 2011
Margery H

Your teas and cultures made great K-tea. Hope you can enlighten me as to how to still make your great tea the easy way…brewing system style….but in a lesser amount…ie the size of the culture determines how fast the brew brews!! Need to have a smaller container to contain the culture growth and produce a lesser amount of tea.

April 5th 2011
Hayley D

I have kinda skimmed over all of them for what information I have really been looking for. I have been brewing only since December on my own. When I read about Kombucha online I have found that the information is not consistent. You answered many of my questions! Thanks.

April 4th 2011
Cheryl S

This is a great introduction for a beginner and a good reminder for an old-hat-at-it. Good balance of information with instruction. I’m glad you eliminated the hype of the cure-for-every-disease claims. Really appreciated the list of the acids, etc and how they benefit us. I find it a good way to introduce you to continuous brewing products without jamming it down our Kombucha-rinsed palates. A few illustrations would have been nice, but overall a good presentation. Congrats.

December 31st 2010

Kathryn W

The mini course answered my questions about making kombucha. I especially liked the instruction in the mini course about when to flavor the tea. My first batch under your system is almost ready, can’t wait. Thank you so much. I love your web site, and of course your products.

December 31st 2010
Jerry W

I want to thank for all that you have done with your web site, I have struggled for months with trying to make my own Kombucha with not much success, until I found your web site and I followed your directions and made a batch and it turned out great, it formed a new baby on top which is a first, taste great, looks great well heck it is just awesome all the way around. For the way you write things up on the classes is just great, it makes me laugh and that alone is a good thing, I like your funny side and wittiness that you put into your videos and writings, just keep up the great work and I will always be a faithful follower of you and your web site thank you again for all you have done.

December 30th 2010
Kathryn W

The mini course answered my questions about making Kombucha. I have made Kombucha in the past from a culture I got from a friend, but did not feel confident. The tea did not taste good at all. I also flavored the tea in the beginning with another tea that had the oils you mentioned in Lesson 6. I especially liked the instruction in the mini course about when to flavor the tea. My first batch under your system is almost ready, can’t wait. Thank you so much. I love your web site, and of course your products.

December 28th 2010
Voicemail from 1-702-234-9569


I really enjoyed the course, very educational, and very easy to understand. Thank you.

December 26th 2010


The 7 day mini course is so perfect for us beginners it teaches us everything we need to know about how to start and get better! It is amazing, if you even thinking about doing kombucha check this out first so you can see how easy it is and how it pays for itself in no time flat! We love kombucha and we started to look into making our own and once we read through the 7 day mini course we where hocked and where sold on it and got out own continuous brewing system. The format is easy to read not all text book style, neat teaching method, tips tricks, the whole deal. Plus if you like the mini course there is even the DVD’s that are basically telling you and showing you all of that you learn in that, so if you a visual learner then they have that too! We love kombucha and are sold, hope you will be too!

December 24th 2010
Olga B

I liked your first mini lesson as everything was suggested in detail and I just had to follow it. The coolest thing was adding raisins to Kombucha. Your writing is superb and I love reading it. Oh, yes another thing I loved in mini course was bottling. Lots of good information. Thank you and God bless!

December 24th 2010

I googled to know about the mini course. The sign up page was simple. The coolest thing about the mini course was how to make kombucha. I like the writing style. The course had a little humor too. This course was nice because it goes step by step through the process.

December 24th 2010
Olga B

I was lucky to come across your name on the computer and liked you right away. You are witty, smart and do your business very well. You sent me your first mini lesson and I liked it a lot, everything was suggested in details all I had to do is follow it. The coolest thing was adding raisins to Kombucha. It reminded me when I was in Russia people loved “kvas” which was made out of black bread and there were raisins included. Your writing is superb and I love to read it. You have talent! Oh, yes another thing I loved in mini course was bottling. Lots of good information. Thank you and God bless.

December 23rd 2010

I am very new to kombucha and found your course after receiving my first culture. It has been very helpful in answering some of my questions regarding the brewing process and where to start. I have been drinking kombucha for almost two weeks. My skin looks better, and I feel lighter, plus I am sleeping more deeply. I hope to see more benefits in the future. Thanks for your help and expertise.

December 20th 2010
Brenda W

I came across the course when I googled. After the next few days of reading, I settled upon getkombucha.com.

December 20th 2010
Fatima L

I have just been introduced to kombucha though =t seems to have been right under my nose/eyes for years. Being one who prays for divine guidance, I took this as what it was, divine guidance. I have since tried the tea and felt something instantly. What that something was/is, I still don’t know, but am sure I like it. Then I was led to your site. You have honestly cleared all questions out of my mind as to why I have been led to make kombucha a part of my life. My goddess, what a wealth of information you have afforded me. I now feel confident to begin my journey in earnest, with your site’s support. Thank you.

December 19th 2010

I heard of the mini course when surfing the web. The sign up page was easy. It was easy to follow and have other points of view.

December 18th 2010
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I really appreciated the information that was delivered in your mini course. It was concise, very good, and interesting. Thank you very much!

December 18th 2010

Damaris B

I was pleased with the easy instructions and step by step style used in the e classes. I have made my own yogurt and we had homemade root-beer growing up so many of the points you made are very good in having a successful fermentation. Thanks for a good job.

December 17th 2010
Chris K

It was entertaining. Thanks for your efforts the best of luck and great success.

December 17th 2010
Nate G

What I enjoyed most about the class were the sections on bottling and the benefits of drinking Kombucha. I enjoy Kombucha’s ability to soften the ailments of alcohol and it was good to see that feature get good attention. I like how that section is laid out to not be claiming everyone will experience all these benefits, but rather these are how people have experienced benefits. No unethical marketing here. I feel like the information gleaned from the Kombucha research world was selected well. In my own research I have found contradictory tips and information, but in this course, most all of the info was stuff I would believe to be quite true. So many opinions on Kombucha and brewing it are out here, but your opinions are easy to agree with. I enjoyed the format of a bit of info one day at a time. Thanks!!

December 13rd 2010
James S

The email course was a great pace to learn the recipe/process/gotchas for brewing kombucha. I also like the fact that while you have a vested interest in selling the continuous brewing systems, you also let people know they can get started with simple tools they likely have in their house already. All in all I give the course a thumbs up, thank you.

December 13th 2010

I just wanted to say that the mini course was awesome. Very down to earth and witty. I first tried Kombucha about 2 years ago when my mother was incorrectly growing Kombucha in the fridge. I then tried a bottle recently from the health food store and became immediately addicted to the flavor and fizz. I decided to look up Kombucha on the internet and found your site which was very user friendly, very kind with information, inviting and did I mention very informative. Thank you for offering this valuable information for free!!! I purchased a kit and sent it off to my mother to try her hand at it again.. 25 years later. This time with some help from the DVD’s included. Thank you again for everything.

December 13th 2010
Hancock F

I think your site is very informative. I especially liked your history lesson on kombucha and the break-down of all its components. I liked the clear recipe instructions. The addition of vinegar and the tip about the heating pad in winter were particularly helpful. I like the casualness in style.

December 12th 2010
Kristi W

Thanks Dave for the help with the kombucha! I found your site and I am inspired. I went looking for it since the kombucha on the shelves was out for some reason. Now I will have to brew my own. Tee hee/ thanks to thee! I am excited about having the benefits to my health! Peace in sips!

December 11th 2010
Barb B

I really enjoyed the detailed bottling and flavoring instructions. The videos were fun and informative. I am just about to taste my first batch of bottled Kombucha that was left at room temp after bottling.

December 11th 2010
David R

I had an absolute blast with the mini course. I got the email at the end asking for an evaluation/input, and I feel that I definitely owe it to you. I felt the site was simply overwhelming with overwhelming volume of information. I appreciate that you have in depth information on many aspects of the brewing aspects. The mini course was exactly what I needed to feel comfortable pursuing a home brewing system. I really enjoyed both the content and the depth of the information that was in the course. Also the style of the course was fantastic. I thought it was great that you used a more informal, personal approach. That combined with the fact that the lessons were actually very informative made me, as a complete beginner, feel more confident and at the same time made the task much less daunting. Thank you so much for what you’ve done here. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

December 10th 2010

It is free and really provides great tips and resources, information and diagnosis. I am very happy to have found the website and thanks a gallon!

December 10th 2010
Terry F

A friend referred me to it. The style, writing, and format of the classes were pretty good.

December 9th 2010
Deborah S

I love the style of the writing, it is fun. I will have to save for awhile to be able to purchase one of those nice continuous brewers.

December 6th 2010
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December 4th 2010
Ian G

I really liked how everything was set up, very easy to understand, and I really appreciate how you didn’t talk Kombucha up to be some kind of wonder cure-all like so many do. You just gave a much more forthright answer and I liked that. So thanks!

December 4th 2010
Steven S

I have drank kombucha for a while, just found out you could brew it yourself. Went on line to see what I could did out saw your site and got hooked up. Your info was so good that I am ready as I could possibly be to start brewing As soon as i print the course and highlight areas. The course had a lot of great Indo without being dry or boring thank you or should I say cheers!!

December 4th 2010
Aeron P

Thanks for the handy no nonsense info on how to brew our own kombucha. I, like you, love the stuff, The 7 day intro answered most of my questions and gave me some good ideas on how to get going. The only thing I could recommend is adding some pictures to the class pages. Maybe some do’s like what healthy cultures look like, or just people preparing/enjoying kombucha). Or some don’ts (how to keep from contaminating the culture, what mold vs. tannins look like, good containers vs bad containers etc.) Maybe pictures of why/how your continuous brewing system is so much more hip slick and cool than trying to do it on your own. I’m a visual/tactile learner so some breaks in all the text would be cool. I’m grateful for all the help and clear info, I am confident that I can do this as a result of your site, and I will pass it on to people I know!!

December 4th 2010
William & Claire B

Thanks for getting my order out and figuring out what I actually needed. I really enjoyed going through your web site. Even though I had made kombucha tea in the past I thought it was a little more trouble than I needed to deal with. After reading through the short course I realized that I was missing was the continuous method. It seems to me to be the best way to enjoy Kombucha Tea without all the hassles of the old way. I always felt like I was a lab technician brewing up some mysterious brew. Thanks for all the great information.


December 3rd 2010
Chelsea C

I appreciate you waiving the 19.95 to let us in on what you have learned and are willing to share that with others. I’m in the process of growing two cultures in the office where I work. After more research and reading your mini-course, I’m feeling a lot more confident that I am able to produce a drinkable product. I appreciated the information about the benefits of continuous brewing and what to expect. I loved to tips you provided. I know that I will be referring back to the mini-course often. I love your enthusiasm about getting the information to the masses – and the products to produce kombucha. The mini-course was concise. The mini course provided very good information, but left me thirsty for more. Your site is a great benefit to those who are just starting out to get a good foundation to kombucha brewing. I think even those who have been brewing a while could find information of benefit to them. I really like your “not sure what to say” list. Good luck Keep up the good work and well wishes in your endeavors.

December 3rd 2010
Lew E

It is an interesting course. Informative and creative. I think I have enough information and reasonable resource. Well done. The sign up is informative, in its own way casual. I found your honest approach pretty cool. The style, style, and format – well done! Thanks!

December 1st 2010
Giveaway B

It’s one of the funniest videos I have EVER seen. Pretty awesome!

November 29th 2010
Kim D

I googled to find this link. The sign up page is simple and to the point. I love the quirky tone and the classes being broken down into lessons. The consistency of what is taught makes me feel confident that I am getting correct and reliable information.

November 28th 2010
Lori U

Having the course sent to my inbox in small increments was a great way for me to learn about Kombucha. There were some things discussed that I wouldn’t have known to research had I been randomly searching for information online. Also, having it in smaller increments allowed me to “digest” the information a bit before having new information presented. This way it’s not at all overwhelming. Thanks so much for offering this great, informative course! I can’t wait to start reaping the benefits of Kombucha!

November 27th 2010
Mo B

I have been interested in kombucha and for the last year have been trying to find information regarding its benefits and health aspects. I was so delighted when I came across GetKombucha by Dave. I signed up for the learning classes and I am very impressed. I will be re-reading them over a few times to really get knowledgeable. My next plan is to purchase the equipment to make Kombucha at home. I really can’t wait to get started! Thanks again Dave! I am looking forward to the “future” of having my own kombucha brewing in my home! This will complement my sprout growing and food rehydration activities! Muchly appreciated and good health to you!

November 27th 2010
Tim H

First off I would like to say warmly and whole heartedly Thank you Dave. You have done the Kombucha world a great justice for this wealth of knowledge and testimonial response. I stumbled onto your website digging through the many youtube videos for making how to websites. You answered all of the questions I wanted to know and I am confident that I can brew my own fantastic kombucha. Again thank you!

November 22nd 2010
Leah B

I made a Google search to find this. Everything was pretty cool. The info on bottling was new to me. I had not ever heard of a continuous brewing system before – that was pretty cool. I liked the writing, style and format. I felt like you were having conversation with me. I like it when people write the way they speak. It is great. It really took me from being curious to really wanting to try this.

November 21st 2010
Mark O

I love your witty, laid-back, approach. You gave good information. The advantage is that it is all in one spot so you don’t have to waste time searching.

November 18th 2010
David N

I searched online as I love kombucha. The sign up page is clever. The writing, style, and format are not dry at all and thanks for making it fun.

November 16th 2010
June C

I just finished your Kombucha course and found it entertaining and encouraging. I appreciate the information you already made available to me. Thanks!

November 16th 2010

The mini course was fine. Thanks!

November 15th 2010
Ryan A

I learned a lot from this class. I like that it is possible to get the fizzy kombucha from a home brew, I did not know that before. Thank you for the course it was very helpful.

November 13th 2010
Kimberly M

It was a pleasure to come across your site. The greatest thing about your site is sharing of knowledge from all aspects. You have established a beautiful family of people who not only look to you for guidance but also confidence. The best thing I learned was to relax. So, above and beyond everything, the loving humor and creativity of everything you do really gives life to your wisdom. Thank you for all your wonderful generosity! It’s been a pleasure turning all my friends onto your site… we’re ALL trying to buy each other the continuous brewing systems for the holidays! Many blessings to you!!!

November 13th 2010
Jeffrey D

I found the writing style to be very distracting and there was very little content. Thanks!

November 13th 2010

The sign up was simple. The info for a novice was overwhelming. Good luck with your endeavor.

November 12th 2010
Linda F

I found your course while searching info about KT. Everything about your course was fun & informative. Like ya’ mentioned you can get a real case of overload with info and BS and almost make you decide to keep buying the big buck bottles. But thanks to you I’m right now making my first “pickle jar” of KT. Thanks again for starting me into the wonderful world of KT. I Really enjoy the way ya’ do your videos!!! It keeps life fun!

November 10th 2010
Hans & Louise M

Thanks for a fun course. Our tea is almost ready, 2 more days in the bottle. It tastes delicious. I saw your mini-course on the website www.kombuchahome.com, and even with all the information available, decided to go the second step. I liked the idea of more advanced hints, being an information junky of sorts. The classes were fun; I think the informality, brief points, etc. made it interesting and quick to go through. I shared your “wittier” jokes with my husband! I appreciated all the finer points you added which helped me understand what I was doing and why. A minor example is pointing out the tea tannin as “not” mold. I think I would have wondered what it was. Brief, to the point, yet complete, as useful. I did enjoy your “cool” point of view as I am of the older generation. Nice to meet you Dave, and good luck on your continued success and fun.

November 10th 2010
Gabriel B

I found it by googling and enjoyed the reading. I enjoyed reading the breakdown of all of the acids the booch has, i.e., actic acid, malic acid, etc, and about how much caffeine it has after the fermentation process. In addition, I liked the part about smiling at a random person…in that order. What I felt was especially interesting was the part about how to carbonate the booch. I felt the classes were well written and I enjoyed the humorous style in which they are written. For me I felt that having the information presented in a clear and concise format helps me to gauge how legitimate the info is as compared to other websites. In addition, it helps me to have it in that format when I need to go back and refer to it instead of having to skim over vast amounts of blogs.

November 9th 2010
Kelly W

I found you on the internet when researching kombucha. The signup page was good. The writing, style, and format of the classes were natural and I can relate to the writing style. The course was very helpful and I like the idea that I can go back to it if I get confused.

November 9th 2010
Merry H

I enjoyed the course and plan to get a continuous kit.

November 8th 2010
Sheila K

I mixed a glass of two brews half and half and it was pretty good.

November 8th 2010
Sandra T

I thought it was great because it was concise yet quite informative. Style and format are excellent. You are very down to earth and have a great sense of humor, which has a brightening effect so appreciated! Enjoying the way you put so much into your videos. The mixture of information is interesting and fun. Keep it up!

November 8th 2010
Kim H

Thanks for the information. I’d never heard of Kombucha before, so it was a bit of an education. A friend brought over a rather large scoby. We drank some K-tea and it was good.

November 7th 2010

I was surfing Facebook when I saw your ad on the side bar. The more lessons I received the more I learned! Thanks so much for bringing this miracle drink back to me! Your lessons are so easy to follow and have so much great practical advice. Plus it’s a one stop for all the supplies and equipment. I really think the classes are such an important resource , if someone is getting into culturing Kombucha they will save themselves alot of valuable time and money by getting it right the first time! I had some disasters when I first started years ago but Dave wasn’t around! Now it is a piece of cake..!!! Thanks for the classes getkombucha.com. I’m sharing with friends and family.

November 7th 2010
Clayton T

It’s simply the best, i haven’t been this excited about something since i built the two veggie beds in the back yard and the anticipation is mounting by the moment as i come closer to trying my first home brew. The fizzly sensation of cha going down is unmatched by any and all other beverages and getting my friends and fam to like it will be so much easier when i tell them how inexpensive it is. Although it wasn’t free i consider my dispenser and starting kit truly a gift. Thanks Dave !

November 5th 2010
Karen P

Thank you so much for your mini-course. I have already shared your site with many people. I have been wanting to take Kombucha and your instructions make it easy to begin. I saw an ad on facebook. Free information on a subject I was interested in. I like that you were not pushing something – but providing a service with options to purchase more. The writing, style, and format of the classes are good and easy to understand. It made the process simple.

November 5th 2010
Brian B

I came across this when searching for kombucha info online. The mini course was cool. The writing, style, and format were nice. Your humor and light-heartedness were warm and comforting.

November 2nd 2010
Kevin C

I want to commend you on all the information you pack into the concise mini course and still manage to keep it a fun read. It has more useful information than the Kombucha book I read a few years ago; especially with regard to expert tips and what to look out for. Your passion for Kombucha really shows and drew me to the site. I will be ordering my continuous brewing system in a week or two, once things slow down at the office so I can be sure I have the time to get off to a good start. I tried brewing Kombucha five years ago but the hassle and mess eventually caused me to stop. I really look forward to brewing again. Thanks and keep up the good work.

November 1st 2010

I googled and came across. The signup page was easy. The style, writing, and format were easy to understand. The course seemed pretty thorough and easy enough to follow which is what made me to decide to give it a shot.

October 31st 2010

Your free info was great and I completed your course. I really enjoyed the course and the friendly way it was written. Your lessons gave me a pretty idea of what it should taste like and many other helpful tips. I also enjoyed the testimonials. Thanks for your trouble and skills in writing the lessons.

October 30th 2010

Thank You for offering so much straight forward info for FREE. You are people that have figured out that sharing of knowledge should not have a price. The mini courses are great. Things are explained so simple and easy to understand. The relaxing suggestions at the end and positive affirmations are great. Thanks for the great start.

October 30th 2010

I searched on Google about your website. The writing style and format of the class was ok. It had a lot of funny parts which were good. Thanks for the course… it taught me a lot!

October 29th 2010
Krista J

I saw it on google while researching Kombucha. It was very informative and I learned literally all about how to do pretty much everything regarding Kombucha. The writing, style, and format of the classes are concise, easy to read and not too long.

October 29th 2010
Kent T

I appreciated the humor, and it was concise and worth reading. Thanks for the info.

October 29th 2010

I came across your website when combing the internet. I found the course very entertaining and very informative. I now need to start making my own now that I have the basics down. I did order the Kombucha concentrate, but I think I would really like to try to make my own tea as well. I really did enjoy the course and now I need to get to brewing my own. Thanks for the quick and easy course. It was nice not to have pages and pages to read, but the information you did provide was very helpful to a complete beginner such as me.

October 26th 2010

My scoby is looking good. The learning experience has been good. Your style of breaking everything up into small chucks is interesting. The information was good. The longevity videos are awesome. Simple and to the point (just you!). You are doing a great job. Thanks!

October 25th 2010
Daniel L

Thank you for the course. As a new brewer it was very helpful. I like this process now and am just getting used to second ferments etc. Anyway thanks again.

October 24th 2010
Sarah M

I really enjoyed the 7 Day Mini Course. It was very informative and it was really nice to have so much information all in one place. The course was very detailed and described all aspects of brewing kombucha tea thoroughly. The information was presented in a clear, concise, easy to understand format. Thank you for developing this course. I feel well prepared to start brewing.

October 23rd 2010
Brent A

I heard about the mini course from Twitter.

October 22nd 2010

It seems like a decent product. Lots of information in an easy to use format. Thanks.

October 22nd 2010
Diana S

The mini course was great! It was a really good idea and a very nice touch to get one lesson per day so as not to be overwhelmed! Having those lessons made me think even ‘I’ could make Kombucha easily and safely, so I went ahead and bought the Deluxe Porcelain Dispenser System for continuous brewing and the hard copy DVDs, as I like to play back over and over again on the TV or my computer. The DVDs are awesome! It was really fun to watch and along with Dave, It shows you exactly what to do starting from receiving your kit in the mail! Every Thing is done and easy to understand, step by step method so anyone can follow along and do it all correctly.

October 20th 2010
Laura S

I enjoyed the course and appreciate the free brewing information. I searched for the site online. I learned about the history of kombucha and the components.

October 17th 2010
Xavier V

I am really impressed with what I have learned from your free course.

October 16th 2010
Ben E

I found this course in an ad on my facebook. I was impressed by the freeness of the mini course. From the course I learned many things that I already knew, things I didn’t know and after the course I understood things that I didn’t before. I liked the fact that you actually had to read to get all the information. The value of this course is priceless. Thank you, GetKombucha.com!

October 13th 2010
Mike R

I also learned where the original mushroom came from. The mini course is concise, to the point, written in a fun to read style, and made sense. I feel I am finally ready to start brewing on my own. Thank you.

October 12th 2010
Voicemail from 1-603-490-4872


The course was organized. I also learned not to use an aluminium pot.

October 11th 2010
Voicemail from 1-717-419-6739


I like the videos, very clear and lot of information. Lot of instructions. Explained everything to start brewing. Thanks it is a very great site with extensive instructions. I am very happy and thank you.

October 10th 2010

The 7 day class is great. I gathered all my supplies and plan on starting my first brew this weekend. I have the 7 day class to refer back to so I limit my mistakes. Looks fairly easy and fun. Thanks Dave!

October 10th 2010
Mike D

Thanks for offering the course! You have made me so much more comfortable with making kombucha! Thanks!

October 10th 2010
Lois B

I got excellent info and got released of the fear of making my own kombucha. That in itself is a great gift!

October 9th 2010
Kathy M

I needed the class before I bought some kombucha.

October 9th 2010
Carol H

7day mini course helped me by seeing and reading the info. I can keep it on my email so I can refer back to it. A friend and I were discussing how to flavor, so I was glad to be able to tell her how I learned. Thanks for offering this for free. I am passing along info to others. I first learned about Kombucha from the book, Nourishing traditions by Sally Fallon. Glad to know I learned to drink this from a home brew.

October 9th 2010

I enjoyed it. Signup was a breeze. I think that the most interesting thing I came away with was just how easy it is to brew Kombucha. Your course really laid it out in plain language. BTW, I hold a Chem Degree and spent thirty years in the medical field so can appreciate the various aspects mentioned in the course. I have also been rather successful in wine making, so this will help in the brewing process. I found it easy to traverse the course work. The value of the course – for me – was in the order and explanation of things as just how easy it is to start and keep the brewing process going. Have you ever considered doing a follow-up course and going into more detail, especially with various flavorings or different teas. I know that I am going to be experimenting. Enjoyed the course and look forward to seeing more from you.

October 8th 2010
Shannon E

I am on my very first ever brew and am loving all the information on your sight and the 7 day mini course. Can’t wait to drink my first batch. Thank you.

October 5th 2010

The videos are quite entertaining. Sign up is easy. I liked how simple you made things seem. Thanks for making me laugh in your videos! You seem like a great guy with the best intensions. Keep up the good work. My family thanks you as my husband and daughters also will be enjoying the tea and benefits once my brew is ready, which should be in about 6 days. Thank you and God bless.

October 4th 2010
Sharon B

I knew about the site from a friend. The sign up is quick and easy. The mini course was all new to me and therefore it was all cool. The writing, style, and format were good. It was very valuable giving me the confidence to start making my own tea.

October 4th 2010

I found your site and I really liked the style you wrote in. I got to the bottom on one page and found that crazy video. I was hooked! It was real. I’m the same way. I write (and act) what I’m actually thinking and only rarely “formalize” my speech. That was an instant turn on for me. I like real people, and frankly Dave, you are the kind of real I like to see in people. The second thing I noticed and appreciated was your no-nonsense/no-hype approach to teaching about Kombucha. That level of customer service and helpfulness continued on after I ordered your deluxe starter kit. I had some questions, they were answered right away. I had a problem, it was fixed as soon as was possible – and above and beyond my expectations, I might add!

October 3rd 2010
Krista J

I love his website and really appreciate the advice that’s available and hope to contribute to the success (financially, i.e.) of his company ASAP. The 7 day mini-course was crammed full with helpful information! That, and being interspersed with Dave’s kooky yet caring energy, I found it very enjoyable to read through and listen to the u-tubes.

October 2nd 2010
Shirlee T

I love the way you talk, it makes me feel like a friend of yours. The course was great, I saved each one on my computer. Thanks so much for the course!

October 2nd 2010
Corrie M

I found the site by web search. The coolest thing I learned from the mini course was the bottling part. I like the format of the emails in the mini course. I especially like the humor. The course is good since it is in bit size portions and is easy to understand and it makes it sound so easy, which is what we want our friends to think when we turn them on to Kombucha.

October 1st 2010
Karen T

I surfed the net and learnt about your website. I came across about boiling the tea bags to prevent mold for the first time. The writing, style, and format are personable, casual and comfortable.


hey guys, I will be posting the rest of the reviews on another page, so it does not effect the loading time of the site.   In the meantime, Read All of Our Continuous Brewing System Reviews Here! and If you have not done so already, sign up for our Free 7 Day Kombucha Mini Course and Newsletter below. 
Happy Brewin’, Dave 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Kombucha Reviews

  1. My customer service experience with the folks at getkombucha.com has been absolutely extraordinary, second to none, and so very impressive. My deluxe brewing kit arrived via courier and the brewing vessel and one of the scobys was damaged in shipping (a shard of porcelain pierced one of my mothers (haha)). A short note to getkombucha.com and the next thing I know, new ones are being express shipped to me overnight (and that’s very expensive to Canada). Ok, that’s pretty much expected right? Maybe not the overnight part – that’s awesome – but the replacement of course. But wait it doesn’t end there – Dave and Pini also sent me a personal video shot while packaging my replacement brewing vessel and scoby, expressing their concern about the shipping damage and wishing me a happy holiday season. Who does that? Taking the time to send a personal message totally floored me and everyone I have shown. This is an exceptional and fun company that has gained my loyalty and trust. The instructional videos are informative and entertaining and the deluxe brewing kit is simply fantastic. I highly recommended it to get started on the right track. My kombucha is happily fermenting away, and I am one very happy customer from the great white north.

  2. I ordered the 2 Scoby deal from Dave and they arrived very well packaged in triple vac sealed bags.
    The two I recieved were very nice healthy specimens , exactly as advertised. I have been brewing for
    several years and recently moved literally across the country and didnt want to grow from scratch. 
    Thanks again Dave, You Rock!

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