Kombucha Side Effects or Kombucha Tea Side Effects Explained

Today we will be discussing Kombucha benefits and side effects, so everyone should have seen some of our other articles and videos and posts, speaking to Kombucha benefits, a lot of people then are asking we, well in addition to the Kombucha benefits, are there any Kombucha side effects?  There can be, so first just let me, first off by saying that in a population of lots and lots of people, there’s always going to be some people with an allergic reaction to something, now does that mean that it’s really an allergic reaction to that thing, or because other things are going on in their body, immune system, life, environment, whatever, is it causing that allergic reaction?

Kombucha Side Effects Example

Kombucha Side Effects
For example.  Someone who might be lactose intolerant, are they really lactose intolerant, or is it because they don’t have other things in their immune system or specifically digestive flora, hello Kombucha, to help break down that lactate. With that said though, if you’ve experienced something crazy, like a crazy allergic reaction, please, I’m not a medical doctor, go seek medical advice and make sure you get taken care of. What I have seen though, personal experience and only from people we’ve asked and have emailed me talking about the side effects of Kombucha, is that they could go through something called a cleansing crisis, a lot of times this happens when you do a cleanse, or when you give up something, so for instance someone who has been drinking 3 cups of coffee for the last year, suddenly stops drinking coffee, might experience massive headaches because the body is so used to that caffeine that when it starts reeducating itself, reorganizing itself, it kind of loses it’s way and needs to readjust.

For Kombucha, the Kombucha side effects that I’ve seen most prevalent has been, though it does help with digestion, it can help too much if you catch my drift and perhaps excessive bowl functions and also perhaps some skin rashes, even people with real sensitive skin even breaking out, what’s interesting is that these two things are also a benefit of Kombucha, right? Helping your skin and helping your digestion, so what does that mean and what can you do about it?

How To Avoid Kombucha Tea Side Effects

This is what you do, or what you can do, again the beautiful thing about Kombucha is that everyone could, and life, you gotta do what’s right for you and listen to your body, what I can suggest to you is, drink less Kombucha more frequently. So if you have been drinking a bottle of Kombucha a day, but in one sitting, and you’re experiencing your skin breaking out, it could mean that your body is just cleansing itself and there’s only so many ways your body can express itself to get things out, one is through a cold, sneezing and blowing your nose, through the skin and through flushing things out so to speak.

So try that 16 ounces and first I would cut your serving size in half, try 8 ounces, but even more so, do it 2 ounces throughout the day. It’s better to build up, then to have so much that your body, it’s not so much that it’s bad for you, it’s just that you’re slowly building it.

If you want to run a marathon, you’ve got to start with a little jog. So hope that answers some of your questions regarding Kombucha benefits and side effects.

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21 thoughts on “Kombucha Side Effects or Kombucha Tea Side Effects Explained

  1. My experience with KT is very little so far. I brewed a quart of my own and it turned out fantastic (I used green/ginger tea) But then, everything happened at once. The day (or within a day) I started drinking my KT, I was bit by a brown recluse spider. About 3 days after starting the tea and the spider bite, I started breaking out in tiny, very itchy blisters. Not many, but a few on legs, arms, tops of hands. I'd wash them with cider vinegar and they'd go away.
    I treated the bite with activated charcoal as a poultice and dranking it, I got the bite under control. Then I ran out of KT (about day 4 or 5) I've been waiting for my next brew to be ready (should be done tomorrow) I haven't drank any of the tea for 7 or 8 days and I'm very itchy, though the tiny blistering has subsided some, I broke out with a small (cluster of tiny blisters?) or rash patch on my face/cheak. What I don't know is, if it's from me detoxing from the KT, or an adverse reaction to the tea in general, or an adverse reaction from the spider bite (grrrr) not knowing is what drives a person crazy.
    My questionn is, is it normal for someone to break out in blisters, and or a rash from detoxing, from drinnking the tea? I'd hate to drink more tea and get worse. If I improve from the tea great. (Even if that means getting worse before better) I'm just uncertain of what may have caused this. I'm not alergic to any teas (or anything) lol, 'cept maybe a dran BR spider. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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