Kombucha Tea Starter Kits: Make Kombucha Tea At Home

Kombucha Tea Starter KitMany people are looking for reliable Kombucha Starter Kits now as Kombucha tea has gained immense popularity over the years.

People who are continuously suffering from chronic illness such arthritis, rheumatism, constipation etc. often look for a relief measure.

Sometimes they opt for alternative medicines or health drinks such as Kombucha tea.  This is what gives Kombucha tea it’s name Champagne of Life.

Kombucha tea is hailed as the most efficient detoxifying agent.  Over the years, oodles of toxic substances accumulate in our body.  Kombucha tea loosens or degrades these toxic substances.

Later on, they are excreted out of our system in due time. Thus, it strengthens our immunity and helps us fight diseases like cancer, diabetes, AIDS etc.

Kombucha tea is often termed as Mushroom Infusion and Kombucha Mushroom tea, but the tea itself does not contain mushrooms. Black tea is sweetened and allowed to undergo fermentation by some specific strains of yeast and bacteria.

After incubation, a flat pancake like structure forms on the top of the tea. This structure resembles a mushroom, mostly in shape, texture and color. Kombucha tea began its journey from East Asia and was later propagated to Germany.

The need of Kombucha Starter Kits:

Many people  acquire the strains of bacteria and yeast for brewing Kombucha at home from associates and friends.  This is a great idea.

Just make sure that whoever you got it from is giving you a real, living kombucha starter culture and that there is enough kombucha starter mushroom tea in it.

Some research has shown that not all kombucha starters are created equal, meaning that they contain different strains.  I find this interesting, but personally I tell people to first focus on the action of brewing (of course this is assuming you are using a healthy culture and making kombucha tea properly by following a simple kombucha recipe).

I know this is controversial but I compare it to someone making kombucha AND drinking it everyday for a year only to find out that perhaps there IS a better strain that their friend claims they found…. but this friend has spent a year finding it, without enjoying a simple drop of kombucha.

In other words, it is better to do and not over think.  Obviously the best is to make kombucha with the best kombucha starter kit (ahem, like ours!).  🙂

What To Look For In A Kombucha Tea Starter Kit

The strains that are included in Kombucha Starter Kits are much improved variation of the known strains. The strains have been hybridized and modified so that they produce at least some of the following effects.

– The mushroom produced should be blemish free, wide and thick
– The flavor that would be produced should be acidic
– The incubation or fermentation times is reduced
– No contamination occurs as the strains are resistant to molds
– It should be convenient to use

and my personal favorite…Kombucha Tea Starter Culture

Considering all the factors like value, time, safety, convenience – it is best to use Kombucha starter kits.

Types of Kombucha Starter Kits:

Kombucha Mushroom starter kits can be very basic – containing only the strains of bacteria and yeast.

Some elaborate Kombucha brewing kits not only contain the strains, they also contain brewing equipment and utensils. The strains that are chosen are the most resistant to contamination, molds.

They are also the most viable and the mushroom they produce is wide, blemish free and thick.

All Kombucha starters have a yeast component and a bacterial component. Strains of yeast like Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Zygosaccharomyces bailii, Brettanomyces bruxellensis are constituents of yeast components. The bacterial cultures would consist of acetic acid bacteria like Gluconobacter xylinus etc.

In my opinion, though it is not a Magic Bullet Miracle – Kombucha tea paves the path for a healthier living for many people. Kombucha Starter Kits are a must buy for all those who wish to brew Kombucha at home.


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11 thoughts on “Kombucha Tea Starter Kits: Make Kombucha Tea At Home

    • I am not allowed by law to offer medical advice 🙁

      I can tell you that my personal cravings for alcohol has gone down and I believe that it is because the taste of kombucha is also astringent so my taste buds are feeling satiated for the craving of something astringent and sour… but again a health issue like liver damage should be discussed with a medical professional.

    • Hi Edone!

      Starter tea is essentially kombucha tea.. perhaps a little bit over fermented but a bottle of kombucha tea will work. all of our cultures come freshly packaged in its own starter tea to ensure safe transportation of the culture (ie the culture lives off of the starter tea while packaged) and to ensure proper brewing success when making kombucha. you can learn more about this here: http://www.getkombucha.com/free

  1. Dave, I recently purchased a “scoby” starter pack from you, and I had a few questions. I left it in the box for approximately a week before starting my tea, was that OK? This is my first time brewing and I went for the continuous brew method. I noticed that the “scoby” was a lot smaller than the mouth of my 3 gallon, spigot container, will that make a difference? I’m on day 3 of brewing!

    Thanks, Lenny

    • Hi Len! You are doing great.. the culture is fine! The culture will also slowly grow to the size of your brewer! congrats on your purchase and becoming a customer! welcome aboard and happy brewin’. Dave 🙂

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