Lindsay Lohan: Kombucha Arrest For Alcohol Calls For Recall?

Lindsay Lohan Kombucha Synergy

Most of us are now aware of the Lindsay Lohan Kombucha tea gossip news.

Kombucha tea has gained recognition and popularity as a detoxifying drink.  It has become an alternative method of staying healthy for people who believe in natural and organic food and drinks.  Even the celebrities swear by Kombucha tea.

A vivid example, is definitely LiLo or our much favorite Lindsay Lohan.  Kombucha tea is her favorite tea, declares Lindsay Lohan… (well at least we have one thing in common!). Also shout out to my friend ad gossip lover Jackie for helping me write this article!

The fuss about Lindsay Lohan Kombucha tea gossip

Kombucha tea is the biggest sobriety of Lindsey Lohan.  She was in house arrest during her probationary period of 35 days.  In this duration, she was wearing a SCRAM bracelet that would trigger an alarm if she tried to leave house or consume alcohol and drugs (basically put a toe out of the line).

This again got Lindsay Lohan arrested.  At this point of time, she claimed that she was a very responsible, law abiding human being and would never even dream of consuming alcohol.

All she had was Kombucha tea, her favorite tea and health drink.  Unfortunately, the Kombucha Lindsay Lohan consumed had high content of alcohol.  This is what triggered the alarm and created this upheaval. Lindsay Lohan ran into a lot of legal trouble due to her habit of drinking Kombucha tea.

She did not know that the drink contained small amounts of alcohol.  Though it is highly unlikely, that such low levels of Kombucha tea would trigger the SRAM bracelet and create a ruckus.

Outcome of Lindsay Lohan Kombucha tea episode

Lindsay Lohan alcohol consumption was banned by a court order. The judge Stephanie Sautner pointed out that the court order that barred Lindsay Lohan from having alcoholic drinks had expired on February 25 . Therefore, Lindsay Lohan recall stood negated.

But she managed to violate her probationary period for another reason. But she was definitely not guilty of consuming alcohol during her probationary period and the judge confirmed that.

Trivia about Kombucha tea

    Kombucha tea is a fermented type of sweetened black tea containing a smidgen of alcohol. It is also popular by the name Champagne of Life, Kombucha mushroom infusion etc. Some strains of yeast and bacteria are added to the sweetened black tea. Yeast strains like Saccharomyces ludwigii, Saccharomycodes apiculatus, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Zygosaccharomyes are commonly used.

  • Similarly, Bacterium gluconicum, Bacterium xylinum, Acetobacter xylinum, Acetobacter xylinoides, Acetobacter Ketogenum are the bacterial strains used for fermentation. The mixture is allowed to ferment for some days. During fermentation, it is imperative to maintain the temperature at 75 Fahrenheit.
  • If the tea is not heated well enough, then the fermentation will be incomplete. Nowadays, many resistant strains of bacteria and yeast are used so as to avoid contamination.  The strains are also designed so as to reduce the fermentation time required.

After fermentation, products like lactic acid, acetic acid, ethyl acetate and alcohol are formed. But Kombucha tea has a unique property that sets it apart from other drinks.

A flat structure is formed on the surface of the drink and resembles pita, pancake or mushroom. In fact, it mostly resembles mushroom in shape, structure and color. Some strains produce absolutely blemish free layer of fungus.

This sort of Kombucha is considered to be very healthy and are usually priced high. Kombucha usually tastes like rancid intoxicating drinks like old whiskey or the best thing ever.. depending on who you ask LOL!Lindsay Lohan Kombucha
For those who frequent the stands of organic, natural food stores know that alcohol concentration in Kombucha tea is usually at 0.3% and is therefore, negligible.

Therefore, Lindsay Lohan must have consumed gallons of Kombucha tea so that the levels became quite elevated in her blood stream.
The legal permissible amount of alcohol that a drink can possess so that it could maintain it’s position in the racks of the common departmental store is 0.5%.

But some researchers have found that, some bottles of Kombucha contain much higher levels of alcohol, almost 5% which is equivalent to the amount of alcohol present in beer. Apparently, Lindsay Lohan Kombucha tea became a victim of this problem.

It is a known fact, that many fans prepare Kombucha at home after acquiring the ‘Mother’ culture of Kombucha. They prepare sweetened black tea. They can usually experiment a lot with the type of tea they prefer.

Some have also used green tea and white tea. Then they add the culture strains of yeast and bacteria and allow it to ferment for about 14 days. During brewing at home, people sometimes make small mistakes.

Sometimes, the liquid is not heated adequately, sometimes the heat is not distributed evenly. Some brew their tea in metallic containers.

Now, Kombucha tea is acidic in nature. It contains high amount of lactic acid. Combined with heat, the acid in the tea would leach away metal ions from the metal vessel.  This can prove to be very fatal for consumers.

Fault in storage can result in increase in the alcohol accumulation in the drink due to excess of fermentation.

Maybe Lindsay Lohan prepared and stored her Kombucha tea herself.  That would lead to an spike in the alcohol concentration.  The alcohol content in Lindsay Lohan’s Kombucha must have increased a lot due to faulty preparation and storage.


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