Storing Kombucha Tea or How To Store Kombucha Mushroom Tea

Storing Kombucha – So after you go to brew your Kombucha tea, you can do 2 things, if you’re using a continuous brewing system and it’s just out, you could always just draw from the tap and enjoy day to day.

The pro of this is it is crazy easy… Ron Popeil kombucha storage and the osmondsreference coming… Just Set It And Forget It.

The issue you may run into though is that over time it will continue to ferment and if you are not adding fresh sweet tea to your brewer, it will become more and more vinegary tasting.

Now I like a strong kombucha with a bite, but if you don’t then this might not be the best option for you.  But just a heads up, in general, the more you ferment your tea the more kombucha benefits there will be.

Hey that rhymes!

How To Store Kombucha Mushroom Tea

If you want to go and bottle your Kombucha tea, you can go and bottle and put it right in the fridge.  This is really a great way to store kombucha, as it makes it nice and cold too!

“Dave, how to I get my kombucha fizzy?”

If you want to build up the fizz factor in your Kombucha, you could do a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Now all that is, is you bottle your Kombucha tea like you would normally, but instead of putting it in the refrigerator right then and there, you let your Kombucha tea sit out a number of days to build carbonation.

So this would be a temporary storage of kombucha.

The nice benefit of this is that you are storing your kombucha, while making your kombucha nice and fizzy, and in a more convenient way.. just grab and go baby.

Storing Kombucha Tea Precautions

The best way to store kombucha is first, make sure you’re using the right bottles to do so, and we have other resources on our site showing you exactly how to do it, because this is the one area that you want to make sure you’re doing it the correct way because you don’t want exploding Kombucha everywhere.

When you store your Kombucha out, when you’re storing it out, just take a simple precaution of either putting it in a cooler, if you have one of those big coolers, just put them in there and close up the lid, this way if it does have an exploding bottle, “one exploding bottle don’t spoil the whole bunch girl”, that’s a song lyric of something I know, just Google it!

But it could also be as simple as putting it in a garbage bag so to speak, closing it up, putting it on the side, basically you just want to take some precautions.

Store Kombucha Fridge Method

When the fermentation and the CO2 is built up, by refrigerating your Kombucha it’s a great way to store it, because when you refrigerate the yeast will slow down.

There might be some fermentation going on, but the amount will be a lot lower, and the risk of having an exploding bottle or anything like that, will be almost none.

Oh yeah, plus an iced cold kombucha is mighty fine tasting too!

Hopefully that helped and gives you some ideas of the best way to store Kombucha.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Storing Kombucha Tea or How To Store Kombucha Mushroom Tea

  1. Hey Dave,
    I know from bottling beer that during the secondary fermentation, all of the sugar gets consumed by the yeast and then fermentation/carbonation stops. I’d assume this is the same for kombucha, but is it? If it does stop fermentation after all the sugar is consumed, can you store the bottled kombucha at room temp? There shouldn’t be a risk of exploding bottles at that point. Also, at this point will the culture die due to starvation? I’d like your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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