Yerba Mate Kombucha Recipe Question

This is a topic that’s very personal and near and dear to my heart because, so sometimes you guys, when I’m giving information, it’s just my own personal experience and it’s maybe from research, so from the studies and books and stuff that I’ve consumed, just repackaging it, almost like a reporter to offer to you guys.

This way rather than spending your afternoon reading 6 books about Kombucha, you’re just reading a few videos that I do and you’re on your way, because you’ve got other things to do in life.

I’m just a Kombucha dork so I got nothing else to do, that well and I play dodge ball, but other times if I’m not satisfied with the answer that I get and I haven’t experienced it for myself, at least to the point where I feel comfortable sharing it with others, I will go to a source.

Great Kombucha Yerba Mate Comes From Great Yerba Mate

yerba mate kombucha tea

I’ve done this a couple times and one of those times has been flying personally to South America, particularly Argentina, to learn about Yerba Mate.

They have Yerba Mate here in America, I won’t name names but some of these companies, they don’t even exist in South America, they’re big here, but they don’t even exist there, so I wanted to know the traditional ways of Yerba Mate, and it was awesome!

I did a whole product of the ceremony of drinking Yerba Mate from a gourd and also figuring out the best way to incorporate Yerba Mate for brewing Kombucha tea.

Yerba Mate is Great for Brewing Kombucha

So it’s a really cool topic to talk about and what I can tell you is this, that Yerba Mate is great for brewing Kombucha.

It’s a wonderful way of taking your brewing to another level and a different level from just tea, like black tea or green tea. It’s also a great herb to transition into when you go into more advanced herbs, using to brew Kombucha.

I always say that Kombucha is a vehicle and what determines the passengers in that vehicle are the quality of the ingredients we choose to use, which is why, if you’re going to take the time to brew Kombucha, use the best ingredients you can find.

Use premium loose leaf tea, use premium organic sugar, use good water and use your love, because if those ingredients are good beforehand, they are going to be even more good, more enhanced through the fermentation probiotic process that is Kombucha.

I do recommend brewing Yerba Mate as you’re transitioning into more intermediate/advanced brewing.

Some tips would be, at first use Yerba Mate with a little black tea and green tea, just to help with the transition and the other thing is that, just know that Yerba Mate is more of a stimulant type herb, it has Mateine in it, which is similar to caffeine, essentially it is caffeine, it’s just has a different name because it’s found in the Mate plant, as well as lots of other stuff though, like a crazy amount of minerals.

yerba mate kombucha

Awesome Minerals in Yerba Mate

When we were studying for the video that we did, specifically we did an hour video just on Yerba Mate, it’s insane the minerals found in Yerba Mate, its’ really awesome stuff, and those minerals then get transferred over to your Kombucha and then get ingested, not only ingested, but ingested in a way that the body can absorb greater.

My theory is that Kombucha makes whatever you’re brewing, whatever you’re drinking more enhanced, because it’s fermented, because it’s living, at least raw Kombucha, and because it’s a probiotic and it’s astringent and it has a little bit of carbonation.

We know that carbonated foods get into our blood stream quicker, and astringent food, or astringent properties get into our bloodstream quicker, so if you want to brew with Yerba Mate go for it and you can pick some up by clicking below.



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2 thoughts on “Yerba Mate Kombucha Recipe Question

  1. Dear Dave,

    I am really excited you are gathering questions and plan to do a bi-monthly Q & A sessions ! I didnt see where you prefer to have the questions submitted though…email or on facebook or here ??? I am going to submit 3 here for you.
    1) how can I make a batch of kombucha with higher alcohol content and also how can I make one with lower alcohol content? Add more sugar? ferment it longer ? Stronger tea mix ? certain type or brand of tea better for this goal than others ? Anxious to hear how to adjust ratio and brew times accordingly.
    2) how can I get maximum probiotics in my kombucha batches ? Adjust ingrediant ratios and/or brewing times?
    3) is it ok to make a larger batch of kombucha (like double or triple recipe batch) and if so do we need to leave more than 1 cup of the ready kombucha in the brewing pot ?
    I cant tell you have pleased I am with my kombucha brew. The original scoby, tea, and other supplies I ordered from you are WONDERFUL. I am thrilled with the results. The scoby you sent is thick, healthy and keeps producing additional scoby's-love that !!! I will need to order some tea from you soon
    Toni Reed

  2. I had no idea that Yerba Mate works for kombucha.  I have been drinking yerba mate for years.  It's great stuff.  My wife just bought a pound of smoked yerba mate.  It really tastes great. Not too sure that this would be a good flavor for kombucha.  I will stick to green yerba mate for kombucha.

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