Kombucha Side Effects: What To Do When You Experience A Healing Crisis

Today I'd like to discuss the negative side effects of Kombucha, and really define what a kombucha side effect is, because it could well in fact be that a small percentage of the population is allergic to Kombucha, just like a larger part of the population is allergic to wheat, gluten, peanuts and things like that. The g.t. kombucha recall got everyone’s hair in a bunch, so sit back and let’s set the record straight.

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Is Kombucha A Mushroom?

One of the most frequently asked about Kombucha is, “Is kombucha really a mushroom?” It’s because most people call it Kombucha mushroom. Some people call it Kombucha SCOBY. But kombucha mushroom is the most common. So, is it really a mushroom? No it is not, maybe at most it could be called fungie, or a

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