#018 The Kombucha Podcast: Pros and Cons of Making Kombucha Tea at Home

Hello! Welcome to the 18th episode of the Kombucha Podcast!

The first day I brewed my own Kombucha, I didn’t know I would become so passionate about it that I would talk about it to every person I meet let alone make this website. Making Kombucha tea has been a hobby, or an obsession/addiction as some people would say, since then. That’s one of the pros of making Kombucha. When you’re bored, you have a hobby you can go back to. Or when you’re out of town, you have something to look forward to at home. Seriously, when I’m out own town, I think about my brews. “Is Scobianna (I know someone who named her SCOBY Scobianna) having fun without me? I hope she’s not partying too much and start an explosion”.

Making Kombucha tea at home keeps you busy and excited. That’s one thing. But what about the other perks and most importantly the cons? Let’s discuss that by clicking the play button below.

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