Does Kombucha Give You Energy?

I’m an Energyball Does Kombucha give you energy? I am living proof that Kombucha gives you energy. My Jiaogulan Thailand Adventure is just one evidence that I am an energyball.  To be fair though, I was already pretty energetic before drinking Kombucha, but yes in my opinion and opinion of a couple thousands of people that

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Drinking Kombucha FAQs

Question: What are the health benefits of drinking Kombucha tea? Answer: Your body will thank you for drinking Kombucha tea because of the following benefits: It can speed up metabolism. It can help you lose weight. It can improve your skin. It can make your hair grow faster, stronger and shinier . It reduces your

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Making Kombucha FAQs

Question: Can I make my own Kombucha tea at home? Answer: Absolutely! Anyone can make their own kombucha tea. Question: What do I need to make Kombucha tea at home? Answer: (1 Gallon Kombucha Recipe) You will need Kombucha Mushrooms (also called as SCOBY and Culture), 1 cup of Kombucha mushroom starter, 1 cup organic

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