Kombucha Recipe | Part 4

Kombucha Recipe Made Easy By David Lindenbaum Published: September 5, 2013. This is one of the easiest Kombucha recipes. It makes one gallon of kombucha tea. 4.5 stars based on 35 reviews. Prep time: 30 min Cook time: 1 hour Total time: 1 hour 30 min Yield: 12 8oz servings There will be enough kombucha

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How Can Kombucha Help Control My Candida?

Update: After contacting Linda regarding all of the questions our customers ask us regarding kombucha and Candida, she recently wrote an additional bonus appendix to her book to address how to properly incorporate kombucha benefits into your Candida wellness program. This is only available to GetKombucha.com visitors through the link below. This Is How You

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