Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars

Question of the week: Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars. In this video we are going to answer a question, can I bottle my Kombucha tea in a mason jar?

Yes, that’s right. Here at I not only talk about basic brewing recipes but I love this stuff so much (ahem and talking and making kombucha so much), that we are actually dedicating a post and video to talk about bottling kombucha tea in mason jars.

Can you Bottle Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars?

Sure, but is it the best container to use for bottling?

I don’t think so and here’s why.

First before I start bashing bottling in those jars, let me say I think those jars are freaking awesome! They’re just cool. They make you want to consume something and they’re thick glass and they’re just, I don’t know, there’s just something about mason jars that make me feel like I should grow a beard and just hang out in the woods, so I use mason jars for other things.

I use these bottling jars, not the lid, but I use the mason jar itself to serve Kombucha tea in, right and there’s a difference, so I brew my own Kombucha, or if I’m serving Kombucha out of a continuous brewing system right from the spigot, awesome, if you’re pouring it into a mason jar, great.

I use these jars for fresh squeezed juices, so in the morning if I’m preparing an apple, celery, jalapeno, yes jalapeno, ginger, garlic treat for myself, it’s going into a mason jar, I’m enjoying it.

kombucha second fermentation bottling

kombucha bottling mason jar

love me the bottles.. just not those metal caps. you CAN place some wax paper in between to stop the corrosion!

So there’s lots of uses for mason jars, but we’re talking about specifically bottling during a secondary fermentation of Kombucha tea.

The reason Bottling Kombucha Tea In Mason Jars may not be the best fit is, one, some of them, I know the ones that I’ve used, have metal, a metal top to it and metal caps aren’t the best choice because over time that metal, especially if it’s not stainless steel metal, will rust and I think rust is the word, right? So the acidity of Kombucha tea is so strong that it will break it down and we don’t want that.

The other thing with mason jars is, if you look, it just goes up and down, there’s no tapered neck, so when we’re bottling something that has pressure or that will continue to build up pressure, things like Kombucha, things like beer, we want that tapered neck and we also want some type of safety, safety valve and safety valve means, as simple as a used wine bottle.

When I say used wine bottles, next time you drink a bottle of wine, save the bottle, rinse it out and to me that is the better alternative for kombucha bottling because you have the tapered neck and you have a cork. Your cork, that’s your safety way, if something does happen, the cork will pop up.

Well how do I know this about bottling?

Well I used to do my kombucha bottling like this and what I liked about it, the nice thing was, the mason jar itself, the lid would pop up, so that was my insurance that okay, pressure is being built up.

In terms of the acidity of the lid and is it really the best way, I never had an exploding bottle, but how much pressure could that lid take versus a cork that would just pop off, or if you’re bottling it in a plastic bottle, feeling that pressure.

how to brew kombucha tea at home to ensure a safe bottling

We’ve dedicated tons and tons of videos and training on this, so please check out our kombucha recipe and bottling guides.

But here’s 2 quick safety bottling tips in addition to the wine one.

  • store your bottles when you do a secondary fermentation in a cool outside in the garage. if you do get an exploding bottle (and keep in mind this is very rare so don’t want to freak anyone out!, but it’s a better safe than sorry scenario!), it will be self contained.
  • then when you are ready to enjoy, place the cooler in the fridge. the cool temp will stop (or slow down) the fermentation process, making it much safer and stable when you do go to pop open a nice cold one!

That’s all today. As you can see, mason jars are awesome for so many things. For kombucha it is great for serving, but not so much for storing when you bottle.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave ­čÖé

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