Bottling Kombucha Tip: How To Get Fizzy Kombucha The Safe Way

Bottling Kombucha Tip #3:  How To (safely) Get Fizzy Kombucha Teabottling kombucha at home glass bottles

When you go to bottle your Kombucha tea, here's actually a safety precaution, a lot of people say, Dave I go to bottle my Kombucha tea and there's no fizz. This fizz can take place during the aerobic stage of fermentation and what do I mean by that?

Well when you brew your Kombucha, the first stage is aerobic, meaning like it needs air, so we cover our Kombucha tea, not to cover it to seal it, but to really just ensure that things like fruit flies and debris and stuff like that don't go inside, so something as simple as a paper towel, with our kits we can be a little nicer option, but it's really achieves the same thing, but we want it to be breathable and during that stage, you could have, depending on the relationship between the yeast and the bacteria, you could have a little bit of carbonation.

How To Make Fizzy Kombucha Tea

However the true carbonation really kicks in when you go to bottle it, why?

Well when the yeast continues during that anaerobic stage of fermentation, so no air, the yeast will continue to convert the sugar that's remaining, now there's always going to be some sugar left in your Kombucha tea, that's good, gives it a little sweetness right?

But a majority of it will continue to convert from the yeasts into things like ethanol, alcohol, aesthetic acid and CO2, only this time we're not using a breathable cover, we're using a closed cover whether it's a cap or I use a, and suggest for newbies, a cork, so even an empty wine bottle works and this time the CO2 can not escape. Pressure builds up, you get the fizz.

A lot of people say, Dave I've done it for a day or two and nothing. Well here are the two tips, that you may not have considered in achieving a fizzy kombucha tea bottle 🙂

  1. Don't do it in the refrigerator.  You want that yeast to continue to be active, active yeast will be active usually in a temperature of around 70 degrees on up.  As soon as you refrigerate something, just like us, we tend to slow down, so when you bottle your Kombucha tea if you're looking for the fizz, you want to bottle it at room temperature, even a little warmer than room temperature.
  2. Do it a little longer.  As the expression goes, good bottled kombucha tea comes to those who wait!  You want to do it a little longer.  How long is too long?  Well if you're using something like a cork, or a plastic bottle where you can feel the pressure, you should be good to go. You should be able to feel it and sense it.

Kombucha Safety First too much fizz in the kombucha

As a kombucha bottling safety precaution, if you're bottling for a long time, I recommend putting it in a cooler.  Another idea isto simply putt it in a plastic bag away from children and things like that.

This is why, again if you start off kombucha tea brewing, I recommend plastic guys, or some kind of a cap that has a pressure release to it and simply if you bottle 12 bottles of Kombucha, open one after 2 days, open another one after 3 days, and so on and so forth until you find the one that's right for you.

Let's say on the 7th day at room temperature, it's fizzy, it's delicious, then go ahead and refrigerate the rest of them, you're good to go.

There ya go!  Another Kombucha Bottling Tip on how to get the best fizzy kombucha tea at home.

Now It's Time For YOUR Kombucha Question…

What are some of your favorited bottles to use for bottling kombucha tea at home?  What are the ones that rock?  Which are the ones that don't?  Write your answer below!

Happy Brewin'

Dave 🙂



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    • we recommend to the top.. but try it both ways and see what happens! if you are using flip top the only risk will be the top popping off.. instead of shattered bottles.. BUT before oening, refridgerate.. the cold temp will stop the secondary fermenatation! 🙂

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