Can I Eat A Kombucha Culture or Mushroom?

Today we’re going to talk about the question, can I eat the Kombucha mushroom or culture?

Can I eat kombucha Mother?

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We all know that drinking the Kombucha tea is great for us, but can you physically eat and digest the culture? The quick answer is yes and don’t worry, doing so will not make you a Kombucha cannibal. Just look at home this cute little girl on the left, snack on the Kombucha mother like it’s the best thing on earth.

Why would you eat Kombucha SCOBY? It’s slimy!

Professor Lindner back in 1917, ( I was not born so I wasn’t there) claims you could eat the culture, in addition though, to the Kombucha tea for two reasons:

  1.  You can get Kombucha extract from the culture, not from the tea. In other words, squeezing the juice out of the culture has some beneficial properties to it that is a little different than the Kombucha tea. So that’s one way and you can literally just chomp on it. I’ve done some other videos on wheat grass, different than Kombucha, but literally, if you don’t have an expensive juicer, you could just chomp on the wheat grass to extract the wheat grass juice.
  2. Similar along those lines, in additional the slippery mass, or the culture is believed to, in small amounts, help and soothe the intestines, so a little laxative effect.

Now does this mean that you should eat the culture? My Take

Me personally, I’ve eaten the culture not on purpose. Sometimes when you drink your Kombucha tea sometimes you’ll find in raw, real, living Kombucha that’s unpasteurized. Can i get kombucha scoby

You’ll see a new culture, itty, bitty culture or those slimy things forming, so I’ve ingested those things. But do I take a huge culture and take a fork and knife and begin chomping and eating it like a steak dinner? Me personally no.

I’d rather get benefits of the stuff another way. Or other fiber supplements I would probably myself gravitate towards, but this video is important because two things you should point out:

One, when you are drinking your Kombucha tea and you happen to ingest one of those cultures, the small cultures, fine, relax, you’re all good. You may be a little extra relaxed, so to speak,by going to the bathroom a little later on, and if you do choose to eat a culture, you can, there’s nothing wrong.

I would start out with a small amount, I don’t know if it’s the best personal use of the culture, I’d much rather use it to make more Kombucha tea from, and a little extra bonus, makes a fantastic chew toy for your pet. To do that simply let the culture sit out, air dry it so it becomes a little leathery and you have the best chew toy for your pet.

But if you really feel a little bit adventurous, go on. There’s nothing wrong with eating it. It actually tastes like a pickled pear. If you can get past the texture of it, which makes most people gag, then go on and have fun! Same goes if your kids would want to try it. It’s better than giving them unhealthy processed food.

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