Can I Get Drunk From Kombucha?

Since I started this website, I have been getting a lot of questions from Kombucha drinkers who want to brew their own kombucha tea at home. One of their most frequently asked question is “Can I get drunk from Kombucha?” and my answer is always: It depends.

Sure mix Kombucha with lots of hard alcohol and you will get drunk. Seriously, we have a whole recipe section on our site showing lots of different recipes, some of which contain alcohol. Our world famous Kombucha-rita is an example of that, but in terms of just home brewing Kombucha tea, you would have to drink a lot of it.

Can I Get Drink from Kombucha?

Yes, babies can drink Kombucha. But only a little amount.

Alcohol is between 0.05-1%

To give you an idea, home brewed Kombucha tea, again there’s so many different variables, but if you’re following a basic Kombucha recipe like we have on our site, you’re looking at depending on the temperature, depending how much sugar and other variables, how active your yeasts are, how long you let your secondary bottle ferment.

Also, if you do a secondary ferment and flavor it with fruits, herbs or any other flavorings, that will also affect the alcohol content of your Kombucha. Some fruits, like grapes and pineapple will add more sugar which will convert to alcohol; especially when they get oxygen.

Even with all that, you’re looking at 0.05-1%. Now could you get double that? Sure, but then you’re looking at 2%, a beer is between 4-6%, that means even the greatest, highest alcohol content of Kombucha when you’re not intentionally trying to raise the alcohol, you would still need to drink about 3 or 4 of them to equal a single beer.

So then why does everyone feel good off of Kombucha?2 Kombucha Jars

I know for myself, the first time that I drank Kombucha, I had the same question. Because I felt like I was drunk, and not the bad like I was drunk, like you feel invincible, life is awesome, the world is great, smiling, drunk, and the only way I came to terms with that is what are some other things is your life that make you feel like that? I know for myself, when I do yoga, play dodge ball, hang out with my friends, go for a walk, I hug someone I really love, I feel incredible

The thing is that our body, for many of us, myself included, has not had much probiotics, digestive floor, organic acid, vitamins B’s, that you can take in a bottle, is received quicker and will be absorbed in such a way that’s natural. You haven’t had that in a while, so when we get it all at once, we feel pretty freaking good. So to answer your question can I get drunk off Kombucha? Sure, but you’re going to have to work really hard to do so, like drinking a gallon in one sitting.

I don’t like the “drunk feeling” after drinking Kombucha, what should I do?

Now if you don’t want to have the “drunk feeling” after you drink some Kombucha tea, I suggest you only take 4 oz. first. Then once you get used to it and you don’t get that effect anymore, drink more and work your way up. Like I always say, “listen to your body”. Your body will tell you when to take a break and when to go on.

Want to drink Kombucha tea but don’t have time to brew your own? Check out our organic flavored Kombucha tea here.

Happy brewin’,

Dave 🙂

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