Does Kombucha Have Vitamins?

What Vitamins Does Kombucha Have?

Does Kombucha Have Vitamins and Minerals?

 Yes it does, why?

Because you’re using things that contain vitamins and minerals and those initial ingredients, things like tea and sugar, especially if you’re using an evaporated cane juice sugar, which has natural minerals in it, get carried through the process.

Also the yeast found in Kombucha has a natural spectrum of vitamin B, such as  vitamin B12, vitamin B6, so on and so forth. The interesting thing is, not the amount, but the absorption, the availability of these vitamins into our bodies.

Quality Over Quantity for Kombucha Vitamins and Minerals

I’ve talked about this before, but you got to think quality over quantity, anyone can pop a pill or drink an energy drink that on the back of the label has 10,000 of a percentage of recommended vitamin B12, but how much of that actually gets absorbed into our body versus how much of it gets pissed out as a neon florescent yellow, where you could have a black light party and do all sorts of crazy stuff with, I’m not recommending that, I’m just saying.

Kombucha Helps Vitamin Absorption Rate

So the question is, does Kombucha have vitamins? The real question is, how much of the vitamins get absorbed and in my opinion, even though you start off with a lot less vitamins than something you can pop in a pill, the absorption rate is way better, it gets utilized in such a more efficient way.

It makes sense, the body know what food is versus what comes in a weird plastic bottle that sits on the shelf for years and years and years.

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