Flavor Kombucha Tea The Easy and Safe Way!

Today we’re going to be talking about how to flavor Kombucha, now there are several techniques and methods to flavor Kombucha, some of them are super-duper easy, some of them are super-duper advanced, today we’re going to be discussing the super-duper easy way to flavor Kombucha.

What I mean by super-duper easy is that, not only is it easy to physically do, but the risk of changing your Kombucha tea to something else, is next to nil, certainly the easiest way to flavor your Kombucha tea and that is simply like this… You want to ferment your Kombucha tea by following a standard Kombucha tea recipe. We have it throughout our site, you can just google Kombucha recipe, you’ll find so many different types, and stick to a basic Kombucha recipe. Then once your Kombucha is properly fermented you want to incorporate flavors when you go to bottle your Kombucha tea or when you go to drink and enjoy your Kombucha tea.

How To Flavor Kombucha Tea


What Time Is It? It

What do I mean by this? Well you would simply brew normally and then when you go to bottle, let’s say you wanted pineapple flavored Kombucha tea, well fill up your bottle 4/5 of the way and add a little extra fresh squeezed pineapple juice to your bottle and cap it. Now the only precaution with this is that when you introduce fruit juices, or I like to use, you can slice pieces of ginger, or raisins, craisins, even fresh fruit. The caution with fresh fruit, is that you want to make sure that your Kombucha tea is at a PH level low enough so that if you are storing your Kombucha at room temperature, that the fruit will be preserved in an acidic environment. So PH levels, I would recommend 3 and below, you should have no problem with having that preservative effect of fruit and fruit juice and dry fruit and what not in your bottled Kombucha tea, even at room temperature, because the PH is so low. Man if only the Hawaiian punch guy knew about kombucha he’d be even more pumped then he is now… oh yeah!!!!

Help My Kombucha Is Too Strong And I Can’t Get Up
The other flavor kombucha tip. When you go to enjoy your flavored Kombucha tea, a lot of people ask me, Dave what can I do if my Kombucha tea is too fermented, how do I cut it, so to speak, and we have tons of other resources to use overly fermented K-t for other uses, so please feel free to check those other resources out, but a simple, easy thing to do is to simply flavor your Kombucha at the time of enjoying it.


What do I mean by this?
Well simply pour your Kombucha in your favorite glass and then add your favorite juice to that. Pros and cons, well it’s a no brainer, just add some juice to your Kombucha, you’ll be increasing the sugar content, you’ll also be increasing the flavor of it and cutting down that acidity level, that bite, that vinegar taste, but you won’t be getting that second fermentation of the fizz, so to combat that, just add some sparkling water, club soda, anything you’d like to pump up the fizziness, as well as the overall kombucha flavor.

Ok Gang Till Next Time! I hope this helps add a little flavor to your day… and to your kombucha! ┬á Happy Brewin’, Dave ­čÖé [SIGNUP_FORM]

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