How to Make Flavored Kombucha Tea: 3 Ways To Flavor Your Kombucha

The best thing about making your own Kombucha tea at home, in my opinion, is that you get to decide how you like it to taste. Some Kombucha tea in the stores are too sour, some are too sweet, some tastes a bit bitter, some tastes like blah (I can’t explain it). When you brew your own Kombucha, you have all the freedom that you want and you can use different flavors! (Choco mint anyone, anyone? How about vanilla caramel or buzzy berries?) Yes! But the question now is, how to make flavored Kombucha tea?

3 Flavoring Kombucha Ideas

There are three ways to flavor your Kombucha. Here they are:

Flavor Your Kombucha At The Tea Making Stage

First off, flavoring your Kombucha tea starts even before you begin to ferment your Kombucha tea and what I mean by that is when you make your nutrient solution and it’s just fancy for your sweet tea, your tea and sugar, choosing the tea that you use will change the flavor of your Kombucha. If you’re using green tea for your Kombucha you’re going to have a different taste than if you’re using straight black tea. If you’re using a combination, again a different variation to the flavor profile. So the tea that you use to prepare your Kombucha will ultimately effect the flavor of the finished bottled Kombucha tea. There’s also other things you can use besides tea, we go into more advanced training such as herbs, such as Chinese herbs, other medicinal herbs from either from traditional or even today, but just know that the herbs and tea, we really are talking about camellia sinensis, the tea plant, but tea can also be used as just anything you’re infusing into a liquid, creating an infusion, just know that whatever you use in the beginning will ultimately effect the flavor at the end.

Flavor Kombucha At The Bottling Stage

The second time that you can have the opportunity to flavor your Kombucha is when you go to bottle your Kombucha tea.flavoring kombucha - how to favor your kombucha What I mean by that is, you fermented your Kombucha tea and now you’re actually transferring the liquid, the fermented Kombucha tea into a bottle, so the liquid is removed from the Kombucha culture and you can then choose to flavor that bottle, the individual bottle. This is a really good opportunity to experiment, because the flavor isn’t the best, well it’s only that one bottle and you could chug it, or throw it out. All your other bottles are good to go and the entire batch of Kombucha, if you’re doing a continuous brewing system, the entire two gallons that you’re making isn’t effected. Then how do you flavor in the bottle? Well you could choose lots of different methods, you could use liquids, so you could use your favorite fresh squeezed juice, you could use regular juice off of a shelf that’s pasteurized, the choice is yours. Basically though, the quality of the ingredients that you use to make Kombucha, will be the quality of your end result Kombucha tea.

Adding Flavor To Kombucha After Bottling

Other alternatives though, which I find pretty cool to play around with, is using things like raisins, craisins, sliced fresh ginger root, you could even use herbs, things like lavender and rosehips. flavor kombucha ideas When you’re using things like that though, like lavender and rosehips, you want to really make sure that your PH level is low enough, because when you bottle your Kombucha during a secondary fermentation, you’re leaving your Kombucha tea out still, during the bottling stage it still is fermenting, as well as building up it’s CO2 to give use that nice fizz. In fact one of the nice things about flavoring Kombucha at this stage is that you’re introducing additional sugar that in a bottled fermentation now we’re in the anaerobic process of fermentation. We get really technical here, that extra additional sugar the yeast will continue to convert, but this time there’s no escaping, so the CO2 stays in that bottle, hence building up the CO2 pressure for us to enjoy that fizziness that I know, at least for myself and many people, really enjoy. Add Flavor To Your Kombucha After It Has Been Poured The last stage of flavoring your Kombucha tea, the opportunity is when you actually go to pour your Kombucha in a glass, you could add a little club soda and cranberry juice right then and there and you’re going to change up that flavor profile. So experiment and have fun! You can choose one of these three, or you could choose all three to effect the flavoring of your Kombucha tea. Hopefully though, this gives you some idea, some insight into when and how to flavor your Kombucha. Want to start brewing your own Kombucha tea at home? Find all the ingredients you need here.

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