Green Tea Kombucha

So today we’re going to be speaking about green tea Kombucha and the differences of specifically what types of tea to use for your Kombucha.

First off, a little background on myself, before I started at I had the amazing privilege to work with a really cool, renegade, awesome tea company and learn from just an incredible mentor who’s background was in Ayurveda and healing herbs, as well as teas; so a lot of the stuff that I learned about tea and have taken into my own company’s site has been from my experiences before with this gentleman is with his company, little shout out to him.

Camellia Sinensis

kombucha green teaWhen everything started, when tea started, all tea, we’re talking about Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, was green tea and it wasn’t until tea was exported into primarily England, and then subsequently Russia, that it got oxidized.

Pretty cool story, tea has a huge history, I will do story time another video, another article.

Through the oxidation, green tea became black tea and then there’s other stages of tea, we have oolong, we have white tea, we also have something called pu’er, which is a fermented tea, but not fermented like Kombucha, the leaves themselves are fermented.

Oxidization of Tea

So oxidation, just to paint the picture, if you bite into an apple, you look into that apple, it’s nice and crunchy, that apple is white, think of that as green tea, now you let that apple sit out, let’s say your friend calls you and you’re enjoying that conversation, you get back to your apple, what happens to that apple? It turns a little bit brown right? And that’s oxidation.

So these tea leaves that start off as a white or green tea slowly become oxidized. fresh vs oxidized appleThey literally go through a process of, and there’s different processes for different teas, but the essential oils cover the leaves, get hit with oxygen, air, and begin oxidizing those tea leaves into a black tea.

What’s also really cool is that each type of tea from each plant, much like wine, we’re talking about all wine comes from grapes, but there’s different types of grapes and then there’s different things you can do to the grapes to make different styles of wine.

White wine and red wine, I think is primarily based on the skin, whether the skin is remained on those grapes. So what’s pretty cool is that using the type of tea we use for Kombucha, will also yield a different flavor profile, as well as a different health profile.

Green Tea Kombucha

green tea kombucha benefits

For example green tea has high amounts of EGCG, now that’s an acronym for a word that I can not 100% pronounce correctly, so we’ll just leave it at EGCG, but green tea also tends to, depending on the type of green tea, higher levels of antioxidants.

[Note: ECGC stands for Epigallocatechin gallate : the most abundant catechin in tea and a powerful antioxidant]

Now is that to say that black tea then is worse?

No because black tea has other things in it that green tea does not, so a few things, one is that I would recommend, if you’re just looking to brew one batch of Kombucha tea and you’re starting out, use a blend of both.

Something like our organic signature Kombucha tea blend, which is a blend of 5 different select teas, all different green teas and black teas and so on and so forth.

Experiment With Your Kombucha Tea Brewing

Another thing that you can experiment with, moving on with your Kombucha brewing education and Kombucha doing, not just Kombucha brewing education, but you’re actually doing the stuff, is to brew one batch of Kombucha using green tea and do another batch of Kombucha using black tea and this idea of experimenting can be taken to then using other teas, as well as, when you get into more advance brewing, combining these teas with other herbs.

So really the potential is endless when you start to think of all possibilities, what you can do with your brewing, it’s just amazing, you get excited. Start off with Camellia sinensis blend and then break them out to see what is your personal best flavor.

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