How Do You Pronounce Kombucha?

Today kids, we are gonna solve once and for all, how to pronounce Kombucha.  Through the years, several people (and by several I mean hundred if not thousands), have called it so many different names… I love it, b/c it is just as much fun to say Kombooochie and Combuckah (like Hanucha) as it is to pronounce it Kombucha.

To this day, I still get a huge kick from talking to someone who has never heard the name in any form.  They think I am sneezing or something 🙂

So… How do you pronounce Kombucha? Before we start, I’m guilty, I actually sometimes say Kombacha kind of a potato, potato, if you really get into it.

PART 1: (kŏm’bū)
Dried seaweed eaten as food, often used to flavor stock.

Kombucha comes from Kombu, which really kind of was a seaweed and then got into mushroom, even though we know that what a Kombucha culture is, is neither a seaweed or a mushroom.

PART 2: (chah)

and then “cha,” which means tea.   Cha, Chah, Chai many different names, same thing!  🙂

We’ve talked about how it got it’s name in past videos and articles, but it’s certainly whatever you want to pronounce it to get you excited about drinking it, about sharing it with others, and in my opinion, about brewing it yourself.

Other Names For Kombucha

Other variations I’ve heard, which I think are pretty cool too are komboooocha on Halloween and other holidays that you’re supposed to scare people. What were some others? I think I said kombochachacha (that’s dancing kombucha) already right?

That’s one of my favorites, but really guys, it really comes down to however you want to pronounce it, make it your own.

I know other people call it like really cool names, like this is my magic super tea, this is my mythical dragon elixir, actually I don’t know anyone that calls it that, except for myself right now.

Anyway, I hope that answers your question, the proper way, if you want to get all scientific and technical, is Kombucha

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