Is Kombucha Tea Good for Candida?

Candida and Kombucha

A lot people ask me how can I incorporate Kombucha if I have Candida; wouldn’t that be bad? Kombucha has yeast in it and candida is a problem with too much yeast in our body.

Let’s look at this. The yeast found in Kombucha, is not the yeast that we want to get rid of. So just like those probiotics, probacterias and bad bacterias,  there are good yeast and bad yeast. So the question doesn’t lie, is the yeast in Kombucha beneficial or non beneficial for a candida diet or somebody trying to eliminate candida?

The yeast that can be found in the Kombucha culture is called the Schizosacharomycodes. This type of yeast is not in the family of yeast that can be found in Candida.

It’s more of the sugar in Kombucha.

Kombucha does have sugar in it, a heck of a lot more to start, but the amount goes down as the fermentation goes on. There will still be sugarIs Kombucha Good for Candida? in that Kombucha even when you bottle it. so here’s what to do if you want to incorporate Kombucha into your candida eliminating diet:

Overly ferment your tea

The longer the sugars going to be broken down into fructose and glucose and then the more that glucose will be converted into all the organic acids, a little bit of alcohol and CO2 fizz and things like that. The longer you ferment, the more  it will be converted, hence the less sugar remains.

The way to do it isn’t to remove the sugar, it’s to overly ferment your Kombucha tea and that sugar will be reduced.

If your Candida is very strong and you need to have no sugar in your diet, at least, let’s say, for the first couple weeks, I would recommend using something like our Kombucha sugar-free extract, which eliminates all sugar from your Kombucha.Consume your Kombucha on an empty stomach, I would say first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed. And this way, your body will be able to absorb the Kombucha, rather than compete, meaning that your digestive system only has so much work available to it.

Is kombucha good for candida

Yes, you can take a few sips… just a few sips for now

If you’re eating other foods with your Kombucha, it might not be able to digest the Kombucha and that little bit of sugar might feed the Candida. You want your digestive system to use the sugar found in Kombucha for good stuff. Our digestive system and our Candida is competing for that small amount of sugar, if we doing have any food in our system, it’s better for our digestive system to use the nutrition and the sugar found in Kombucha.

Start off slow

I can not stress this enough. What do I mean by that? I mean, especially on an empty stomach, start off with one ounce, do a shot of Kombucha tea. It’s better to be a turtle in this situation, slow and steady, than a rabbit. Overly ferment your Kombucha tea, drink it on an empty stomach so it’s not competing with other foods you’re digesting and start off very, very slow in the amount that you are consuming. If you don’t see any bad reactions, increase your Kombucha consumption. Just let your body adapt to the new yeast it is getting.

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