Kombucha Ginger Tea Recipe

How to make a Kombucha ginger, using a Kombucha ginger tea recipe?

Ginger is one of my favorite kombucha flavors. Not only because it is super delicious and ginger has lots of essential vitamins and minerals, but also because it produces a great head (read:fizz)! When people do not get enough fizz on their Kombucha, I always tell them to add Ginger to their second fermentation and it always works. How cool is that,? If you want a fizzy bubbly Kombucha goodness, try this Kombucha ginger recipe.

Kombucha ginger tea recipe is pretty straight forward, brew kombucha tea normally how you would following any of our recipes on our site Kombucha Ginger Tea Recipeor maybe your neighbor gave you a recipe and when you go to bottle your tea, you can do a number of things: You could take fresh ginger root and slice a quarter size worth of ginger. Now it’s better to do thinner slices, more thinner slices than just a big chunk, because you want surface area, more surface area the more available the ginger.Also, it will be easier for you to remove these tiny bits from the bottle when it’s time to clean.

So we’re talking about the glucose in ginger and the fructose in ginger, that will be readily available, more surface area will be able to convert, yeast will have at it a lot easier.It is the yeast when we’re bottling that is still going to be active, the bacteria gets shut off when there’s no air, when we’re going straight to an anaerobic fermentation, the bacteria pretty much is done and the anaerobic yeasts are done, but the, I’m sorry the aerobic yeasts are done, but the anaerobic yeast, the yeasts that don’t require oxygen are still working and they will still convert the newly introduced sugar from this ginger root into (drum roll), a little CO2, a little bit of alcohol and lots of goodies, lots of good stuff.

Ginger to use: Fresh, Dried, Candied or Juiced?

You could use sliced ginger, you could also use dry ginger or even a ginger candy. If you are using fresh, Kombucha Ginger Teadried and candied ginger to flavor
your Kombucha tea, start 10-30% of ginger and 70-90% of Kombucha. Now if you are going to use ginger candy be careful. Because it’s naturally, probably going to have powdered sugar and stuff like that and this will give more fizz to your booch as the SCOBY will consume the sugar. So you just want to make sure that you will bottle your Kombucha very well to avoid getting explosions.

My personal favorite is to use some ginger juice. You can buy some ginger juice from your grocery stores or if you already own a juicer, just take some ginger roots and dump it on to your juicer. If you are going to use this route, use about  80-90% kombucha tea and 10-20% ginger juice.

Once you’re done flavoring your Kombucha to make a Kombucha Ginger tea, you can drink it straight away or you can do a second fermentation. If you want to do a second fermentation, leave the bottles in room temperature for 3 or more days. (Just a side tip: If you have a cooler or a bucket, put your bottles of Kombucha there. So that if it explodes, it won’t hurt anyone and cause mess to your house.) After 3 days, do a taste test. If it tastes great, they are ready!

Want to start brewing your own Kombucha tea at home? Find all the things that you need to get started here.

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