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Kombucha Ph,  a lot people have been asking, what is the best PH level for Kombucha tea? Well it’s a combination or personal preference and personal safety.

When you brew Kombucha, when you first make your Kombucha tea using a Kombucha tea recipe, you are starting with mostly (we recommend 80-90%) regular sweet tea, which has a PH level way higher then the end result of Kombucha.

This is why we add that start tea that Kombucha starter tea to your initial brew, why? Because if you left regular tea, just sweet tea out at room temperature, guess what’s going to happen? kombucha ph chart

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Right, you’re going to get mold, you’re going to get pathogens, it’s not going to be pretty.

The reason why we refrigerate food, or we have it on a chaffing dish warming it up or in a crock pot or something, it’s the acidity level that initially helps preserve your Kombucha tea, now there’s other things, like the introduction of CO2, which helps you preserve your Kombucha tea, especially when you bottle it, but initially, it’s really that PH level.

A good thing to do is, not just test your PH when you go to bottle, or when you go to consume and drink, test that PH when you initially make your Kombucha tea.

When you go to bottle, a good PH level would be anywhere from 3.3, 3.4, down to 2.9.

Now, getting to the tenths of a degree, like a 3 point something you would probably need to use a more accurate measurement than just those PH strips, something like a PH tester.

Once you begin brewing though, you could, I’m not saying this is the best way, but for my own personal consumption, if you’re selling Kombucha, you should be testing it, but for your own personal consumption, simply tasting it does it have that bite, reminiscent of apple cider, if it tastes kind of like apple cider, you have a PH of around 3.

Bottling Kombucha Tea

Something also to consider when you bottle your Kombucha at room temperature, is that it will continue to have some more fermentation happening, even though it is capped. This means the PH level will continue to go down.
kombucha ph test strips
One way to do this is, to bottle your Kombucha tea at a slightly sweeter, slightly higher PH level, certainly nothing above 4.0, but something a little higher, so a 3.5, versus a 2.9, so that when you go to bottle it, it continues to ferment to get that CO2 to build up and the PH level when you go to consume will still be enjoyable and be safe to drink.

Now many people talk about making sure your ph isn’t too high when you begin the brewing process.  But did you know you don’t want it to be too low either?

If the ph is too low it could kill of some of the yeasts before they even get a chance to convert the sugar into glucose.

This doesn’t happen too often… but if you’ve ever had a batch turn out to be super acidic AND super sweet, this could be your easy fix!

You want to shoot for a ph of around 4.5 to 6 when you first start brewing (the lower end would be during winter months as since it will take longer to ferment, the lower ph starting level will provide a nice protection before the fermentation process gets rockin!).

Hope you enjoyed this lesson!  We will have more on kombucha ph levels in the future on how to balance skin tone and sunburns.

What do you want to learn next about kombucha?

Write it below and Happy Brewin’,


-Dave 🙂


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36 thoughts on “Kombucha Ph Balance

  1. What can cause my ph level to be so low 1.5 ? Is this level too low and too acidic for human consumption? I purchased a kit from you that did not have a color chart to compare my ph testing strips to, but based on there color chart you have posted online this is the closes color i get. Can I just add some fresh brewed tea to this batch to bring the ph level up so as not to waste it?

  2. Is it ok to drink my tea if the ph level is only 1.5, and i have a bacterial infection H pylori…could that have come from my brew? I never had any mold on my fresh batches. I have read that Kombucha tea kills h pylori. I have taken a two week break and i am taking Mastic gum to kill the H pylori before drinking any tea because i don,t know if the two will mix…any thoughts?

    • Hi Kelvin… when you say only 1.5… that is actually VERY low.. ph levels should be in a range of 2.4 to 3.9. regarding any medical conditon.. please consult a medical doctor as I am not allowed (by law) to comment. happy brew! Dave 🙂

  3. May 8th and I have not received an answer. Found the phone number to this business a d called twice. Each time I got a recording and had to leave a message. I still have not got a call back 🙁

  4. Thanks Dave, I was wondering about the strips included in the kit and what the color should be. This is a great explanation and easy to follow. I printed out the picture you included and will tape it to the inside of the cabinet over the continuous brewer. Ready to bottle my first batch from the brewer and so excited !! Sweet tea replacement is in the
    .Looking forward to the bi-monthly, appendix with all the questions and answers.

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