Kombucha Skin Benefits

Today I’d like to speak specifically on Kombucha tea benefits relating to skin, how does Kombucha help with our skin?

Kombucha Detoxifies Your Body To Show Radiant Skin

Well it helps two ways, one’s a common way I’m sure, by drinking it, everyone knows you can drink Kombucha tea and when you start detoxing and you start digesting better and you start getting tea, again I can’t stress enough that Kombucha to me is a vehicle, it super charges whatever is in the Kombucha tea.

So if your nutrient solution is made with tea and tea has already shown to be beneficial in our lives and you also have things like minerals and vitamins.

May not be as much as, in terms of the amount, as super mega-dose pill that you pop, like a vitamin B 12 pill might have 12,000% of the daily recommended dose and the vitamin D found in yeast strands, might only be, let’s say 20% of the recommended dose, however because it’s super charged with the fermentation process, with gluconic and acetic acid, and digestive flora, the absorption, it’s not necessary how much we’re putting in it’s how much is getting used.

Skin May Get Worse (Detox Process) Before It Gets Better

With that said, drinking Kombucha is excellent for the skin, however, little tip, initially you might actually see some kombucha skin memepimples, some rashes, some breakouts of your skin and it could be a straight on allergic reaction.

In fact even the cleanse is still an allergic reaction, it’s just one, you should first and foremost, go see a medical doctor, I’m not a doctor, all that stuff, however a quick fix on that is simply consume less and then slowly build up.

Ways To Help The Skin To Detox

It could just be your body trying to get things out, things that speed that along would be sweating, walk around, move around, do lymphatic drainage, go into a sauna, ever do a body brush, all that stuff? That’s one way to help your body eliminate it so it’s not forced through expressing itself through a rash or running to the bathroom every two seconds.

Kombucha As Astringent For The Skin

The second Kombucha skin benefit is not just drinking it, but you can actually use it as an astringent, this is apparently the universal sign for topical astringent, and it’s a wonderful two birds with one stone technique because if you ever over brewed Kombucha tea, with your home brewed Kombucha and you’re like, it’s too strong for me to drink, great, bath in it, I’m serious.

Great For Sun Damaged and Sun Burnt Skin

I will do another post, another article on all the other uses for Kombucha aside from drinking, but just know this, it is wonderful if your skin is sun burnt, it’s very good for helping with sun burn and it’s also very good as an astringent, so replace it with your favorite astringent skin care product.

Hope that answers the question, talking about Kombucha benefits on skin.

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