Does Kombucha Stain Teeth?

As much as kombucha is known for it’s benefits… there are some side effects.

We spoke about some of them in other videos, but enough people were asking me about this specific question, so I thought to do a quick video to answer… and more importantly, provide the solution to the potential problem!

Will kombucha stain my teeth?

Well, kombucha is made with tea from camaillia senensis, which means it contains tannins.

Tannins are found in things like tea, like coffee, chocolate and yes.  If you consume them over a long period of time, they will stain your teeth.

When you take this and the fact that kombucha also has a low ph level you can have a potential problem.

You see a low ph means that kombucha is acidic externally, which can also effect your teeth.

Remember, we need to keep in mind that a low ph of kombucha makes it acidic only externally, as once it is digested it alkalizes the body as it attaches to minerals… lemon juice and apple cider vinegar have similar effects.

Also, it is thanks to this low ph that kombucha is safe to brew at room temp (all that acetic acid protects it from what would be a mess… I mean have you ever took regular iced tea and left it at room temp?.. you will have mold then next day!).

So don’t hate on tannins and low ph!  🙂

kombucha tooth stain

How To Solve The Does Kombucha Stain Teeth Problem.
Here are 2 solutions to help with not having stained teeth.  Keep in mind both techniques will not just work with kombucha but with anything that has high tannins and low ph.

Solution #1 is simply drinking through a straw. The straw will allow the kombucha to bypass the teeth.  BOOM.  Problem solved…  Though some might think this is the easiest, it is not my preferred way.

why you ask?

Quite simply I don’t enjoy drinking through straws (green smoothies are the exception).. ok, so that is a personal preference.. but coming up is solution #2 which is better for other reasons.. even for straw lovers!

I’ll have a kombucha with a chaser of water, please!

That’s right.  By simply drinking some water (and swishing it around so your teeth get a “drink” too), you feed 2 birds with one.. kombucha.

The water will remove the tannin and acidity on the teeth, while at the same time you are getting the desperately needs h20 that super charges your kombucha and your liver.

Let me know which of these 2 solutions you like best and if you have any others you use to help with kombucha stains.


Happy Brewin’,

Dave 🙂


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One thought on “Does Kombucha Stain Teeth?

  1. Hi Dave,

    I noticed that I had stains on my teeth after regularly consuming Kombucha. I love Kombucha and I’m not likely to drink it with a straw. Recently I also starting oil pulling and that is also a nice way to clean the teeth including stains. Thanks for publishing that bit.

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