Kombucha Starter Kit Recipe Tip

Quick Recipe Tips For Your Kombucha Starter Kit


So here is a Kombucha recipe starter kit tip, if you happen to purchase a Kombucha starter kit online, either from our company or from somebody else, or if you happen to get a culture from a friend or something.

Get Organized

When you begin to brew I would lay out all the material that you need, this will do two things, you get organized.

I know whenever I set up an Ikea furniture project, laying everything out is good whether you’re reading the directions on paper or online.

Get The Temperature Right

Lying the kombucha materials out will also buy you some time to make sure that your culture is at room temperature and what I mean by this is that cultures when they’re shipped go through different temperatures right, outside temperature during the summertime might be a little warm, temperatures during the winter time is going to be very, very cold. Also if you get a frozen culture in the mail, which can happen, it’s all good.

The only thing you want to be mindful of is just as you want to make sure your nutrient solution, your sweet tea, cools down, you also want to make sure then that frozen culture warms up.

How to Store Your Kombucha Tea

Get Going (Most Important of All!)

So think of it like a PB & J sandwich coming together in perfect unity, I’m sure if I had more time and scripted this I’d come up with a better analogy, but really when you incorporate your Kombucha culture, your Kombucha starter tea, your Kombucha nutrient solution all in your Kombucha container, they should all be the same temperature.

That is your Kombucha quick tip and keep the questions coming.

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