How to Avoid Kombucha Tea Side Effects and Dangers

So today we’re going to discuss Kombucha Tea Side Effects and Kombucha tea dangers and how to avoid them . It’s pretty simple guys, just use common sense! I know, I know, that sounds like a cop out… and some of you who have never made kombucha at home may be a wee bit nervous (I know I was the first time I began brewing).  So to help some newbies, or as a good reminder for long time kombucha brewers, here are some tips to avoid any kombucha tea side effects.

How To Avoid Kombucha Tea Side Effects

  • You want to have a clean sanitized environment. This is actually on your favor though because Kombucha, especially in the later days, when it begins to ferment, and also because we’re incorporating some of our kombucha starter tea, which already has a very low PH, is already at a lower PH level then other foods. This means that it’s very hard for pathogens to get in and it’s an aerobic fermentation in addition to anaerobic. Things like beer, if you’re brewing beer you need all these other precautions, with Homemade Kombucha you can simply sanitize using white distilled vinegar.Dangers of Brewing Kombucha
  • The next tip is a little counter-intuitive is, you don’t really want to use soap, or if you use soap to clean your hands or to clean your brewing container, and utensils, you want to really, really make sure that it is completely washed off, because soap has things like chlorine and things like that, not only kill bad bacteria, it will also kill good bacteria, so in addition to killing bad stuff, it’s also going to kill the probiotics in your Kombucha tea and all the beneficial bacteria.
  • What I recommend to sanitize to ensure you don’t have any kombucha tea side effects and kombucha danger again is good ole fashioned, white distilled vinegar.
  • Put it on a paper towel, wipe everything down, no need to even rinse, because again, the white distilled vinegar will keep it on, or wash really, really good.

Here is another cool little kombucha tip to help with any kombucha dangers of not properly sanitizing your kombucha brewer. I love it because it is so convenient and you are ensuring some extra healthy organic acids (the ones that only form after several days of fermenting your kombucha) are part of your new brew!

What I also like to do, which is something really cool, if you have Kombucha tea that’s already overly fermented, when you first start brewing every once in a while you might over ferment your batch, doesn’t taste so good to drink, there’s so many other uses for that, we go into other posts and articles, uses for Kombucha externally and other uses for Kombucha, but one thing you can do with overly fermented Kombucha tea is use it to sterilize your containers and utensils for brewing Kombucha tea.

Cool so I have one more bonus tip to avoid a Kombucha Danger that many people don’t even think about when they think about the dangers of brewing kombucha tea. And that is exploding kombucha bottles!

Kombucha tea dangers

I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

So in terms of homemade kombucha tea dangers, this is the number one thing I would say where it comes from. What happens is that many kombucha brewers want so much fizz where the bottle explodes. Not to worry, there are several things we can do to ensure this does not happen (and if it does happen how to minimize the damage!).

  • An easy fix on this is use a, if you really want to use glass use a wine bottle with a cork in it, put a cork in it, so to speak.
  • Every couple of days, just open up your Kombucha, kind of burp it, so to speak, see if it’s fizzing up.
  • When you want to stop the fizz, stop the carbonation, stop the yeast from continuing to produce CO2, refrigerate.
  • When you refrigerate it will pretty much stop the fermentation process, still might slowly ferment, but you should be good to go.

Kombucha Danger Bottling Tip For Beginners

What I recommend for first time brewers, is to use plastic bottles. An F.D.A. quality, either 1 or 2 rated, so it doesn’t have so much of the bad stuff. My personal opinion is, I think it’s okay for short term use, maybe not long term storage, and the bottles are nice because they will bulk up, meaning they will, when you see fizz, or carbonation in the bottles, they will actually expand, so you could squeeze it and know that you’re brew is ready.

Hopefully that solves some of the questions talking about Kombucha side effects or Kombucha dangers. Remember, if you have not done so already, sign up for our free 7 Day Kombucha Mini Course.. each class, now comes with Free Kombucha Instructional Videos as Well! If you have already signed up, feel free to email this article to a friend who is brewing or spread the word via your social web 2.0 empire (ie facebook, twitter, etc)!

Happy Brewin’,

Dave 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How to Avoid Kombucha Tea Side Effects and Dangers

  1. We have been brewing our k/tea four around 7 to 10 days before drinking and still not had the fizz up to the level we find in the store. Tried 12 days of brewing not much change…any suggestions on how to up the fizz??

  2. I just wrote a long letter but I think I lost it. So if you already received one, sorry for the repeat. I won't write it all again, so basically, is there any way to test a brew in order to make sure it's not contaminated or "not good" for me to drink?  Any direction would be helpful, I'm on my 4th batch. Thanks for your help. I really like it but I don't want to mess it up.

  3. David,
    I am so loving my Kombucha thank you for your great instruction and tips. My favorite  flavor so far is Pacific Northwest blackberry, it's amazing. Some of the benefits that I have experienced are; a lot more energy, my body's digestion system is much more efficient and the brain fog has lifted dramaticly. There are a couple of problems that I have been experiencing though. I have lost about 8 pounds, (of toxins) and have to limit my intake to 6 to 8 ounces a day to ensure that I don't loose too much weight. This is difficult because I love the flavor. The other pit fall is that everyone I share this with wants me to brew it for them.  Instead,  I send them your way and offer to help them in learning this new skill.
    One other bennefit I have noticed is that I need a lot less in the way of supplements. This is saving me money!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you and may God bless you in an amazing way this day!

  4. Bonjour David! ; )
    I just started to brew a larger amount of kombucha in a 10 liter glass jar, I am finding that the liquid on top taste strong but I am not sure the bottom liquid is getting the benefits because my culture seems to be floating on top… Is it good to stir the liquid once in a while?

  5. Hi Dave,
    I have started brewing using the continuous brew method which I LOVE, but want to bottle also.
    What are your thoughts on using beer like amber bottles with a crown seal lid? I have read that the metal caps can have negative effects in terms of more risk of explosions?
    Caitlyn 🙂

    • Hey we just did an article concerning this very same thing,, capped down like a beer may be fine but there is always a risk of too much pressure so if you got some extra dough why not splurge for the grolsch type swing type bottles… and if you don’t have any cash, get a 2 buck bottle of wine… discard the wine (which I mean drink the wine), and use the empty bottle for your k tea and cork to close it. The cork will give a little every time the pressure builds up so you know when it’s time to party!..

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