Kombucha While Pregnant

Is Drinking Kombucha While Pregnant Safe?

Can I drink Kombucha while I’m pregnant?

That is a question that I received, I’m not asking you guys because I don’t think I’ll ever be pregnant and that there lies the challenge for me responding.

A lot of my responses to questions about Kombucha, yes from research, but research could be a little dogmatic, because mention one somewhere then all of a sudden it’s mentioned everywhere and it becomes law, so a lot of my responses also from my own personal experience, that’s why I feel so confident and comfortable talking about my own experience and why I also encourage people when they brew to experiment and see what works for them.

In this question, with this situation, I cannot talk about my own personal experience of being pregnant while drinking Kombucha, I can talk about what the research in terms of, when I say research I mean what has been the dogma so to speak, what has been found in past books and articles and so on and so forth and they have recommended not drinking Kombucha while pregnant, and the basis is these three reasons:

1) Caffeine in Kombucha

Kombucha traditional, but we know now you could prepare it with a caffeine free version, but traditionally, it has been prepared using black tea, green tea, camellia sinensis, which does contain caffeine, while you’re pregnant, they say, and they, I guess dogma, whatever doctors, say you should not consume caffeine.

2) Alcohol Levels

Also Kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol, also something that they say is not the best to consume while pregnant.

3) Detoxification Process

Finally Kombucha is detoxifying to the body, and whether it’s true or not, the research or a belief is that, well if you’re drinking something that’s detoxifying for the body, at an early state of pregnancy you body might think that this fetus could be foreign and might detoxify it out.

So those are traditionally the three cases for not drinking Kombucha during pregnancy.

drinking kombucha while pregnant

Always Seek Professional Advise

I would suggest speaking to your medical doctor, I’m not a medical doctor, I can’t give advice and I’ve never been pregnant.

What I can say is, which is really cool, my sister was pregnant about a year and a half ago and she did not drink Kombucha while she was pregnant, but I came home to visit and see my niece, hi Jennifer if you’re watching this and you’re old enough to actually understand what I’m saying to you right now.

Kombucha and Breastfeeding

I got a chance to meet her midwife, and her midwife was so cool, I told her that this is what I do, I live out in LA and I teach people how to successfully brew Kombucha at home, and when I mentioned the word Kombucha, she went crazy, she said she recommends it to her patients, to her midwife patients, not so much during pregnancy, but after pregnancy if the baby has a little indigestion.

Now there’s few things, I guess the mother could consume the Kombucha and through the breast milk the baby could get the Kombucha that way.

There’s a little belief that it sours the milk, so on and so forth, what she told my sister to do, was to simply add a little bit, now we’re talking small, a few drops of Kombucha in with water and have her drink that to help with the indigestion, so this is one midwife’s experience and advice I would say seek out, but at least have it as an option and really this video if you’re watching this and you have been pregnant, and incorporated Kombucha or did not incorporate Kombucha, I want to know your thoughts.

Love to Hear About Your Story On Drinking Kombucha Tea During Pregnancy

drinking kombucha tea while pregnant

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