Kombucha Side Effects: What To Do When You Experience A Healing Crisis

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Today I’d like to discuss the negative Kombucha side effects, and really define what a kombucha side effect is, because it could well in fact be that a small percentage of the population is allergic to Kombucha, just like a larger part of the population is negative kombucha side effect dry brushingallergic to wheat, gluten, peanuts and things like that.

Now there is a lot of people that would say all an allergy is, is your body expressing itself that in it’s current environment, current situation, it’s not working, so I know people that are lactose intolerant, but they’ve made other lifestyle changes and they can drink milk no problem.

One of those changes is actually drinking Kombucha, because the idea of having probiotics and things that can digest lactose, it actually makes it so that they can drink milk.

Now that’s just one example, I’m not saying if you drink, if you’re lactose intolerant and you start drinking Kombucha that it will work for you, but just an idea to entertain, that an allergy is not necessarily an allergy that you have that you own an allergy, maybe currently the way that your body is expressing something is allergic.

I know a few people contact me about this after they first drink a kombucha at the store like what are gts kombucha side effects?

Well it could be your body might react to one kombucha over the next as the ingredients could change in terms of what type of tea they use (caffeinated vs non-caffeinated for example).

Or perhaps some bottles are more fermented or has more sugar than the others, but for the most part the gts kombucha side effects, would be the same for any other brand kombucha (but you would have to experiment).


Detoxing Your Body

Another way of saying that is perhaps a negative Kombucha side effect could be a runny nose, going to the bathroom a lot, and that could literally be that your body is getting stuff out that it needs to get out that it had in there for a while.

I always compare this, and again there’s term known in the wellness community called a cleansing crisis, people that have gone on a master cleanse before, which is pretty much just like drinking maple syrup and lemons and water, cayenne pepper, doing all that stuff, I did one, and I had a cleansing crisis.

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

The first couple days you feel like poop, you’re sweating, you’re breaking out, all that stuff, but then all of a sudden the 4th or 5th day, you feel like a million bucks, so the analogy is, is that if you’re, do you ever clean your room where you throw your bed sheet on and take all your dirty clothes and just throw it in the closet and just close the closet, it’s like cleaning, but it’s not really cleaning.

When you’re really cleaning your room, you got to go through stuff, you’ve got to empty out things, in fact it looks a little messier before it gets a lot cleaner, so the idea of a cleansing crisis is that sometimes especially when we’re doing something that we have not done ever, we’re incorporating something new into our body, the body needs to take that stuff that isn’t clean and get it out.

So a kombucha side effect could be a runny nose, head ache, going to the bathroom, throwing up even, breaking out in rashes or pimples or things like that, swelling and things like this.

Now, if you experience this and feel like something is off, please seek medical attention, I am not a medical doctor, but here are some tips that you could do to help along your body getting out that stuff in a positive way:

How to Help With Negative Kombucha Side Effects

Kombucha Tea Side Effects Rebounding

  • Lymphatic Draining.  You could do a dry brushing, if you’ve never heard of that, Google it, maybe we’ll do a video on dry brushing, rebounding, jumping up and down, you don’t even need a trampoline, just jump up and down, moving, walking, exercising.
  • Drinking Water.  Having water is great for assiting your body on a kombucha cleanse so you’re getting these things out, but on your terms, all these things will help.
  • Be The Turtle. Finally, it’s better to be a turtle than a rabbit, if you’re drinking Kombucha and you’re noticing some subtle side effects, not good, not side effects like energy and feeling really good, but subtle side effects that aren’t too good? Well, simply reduce the amount of Kombucha tea you drink at one time, so better to have 2 ounces of Kombucha, 3 times a day, then a 1/2 a gallon of Kombucha once a week.

Hope this helped with not only defining what a negative kombucha side effect is, but also how to go about to assist the body with dealing with kombucha side effects.

Happy Brewin’,

Dave 🙂


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