Too Much Kombucha: Can I Drink Too Much Kombucha?

Well it really depends on you on who is drinking too much and what too much means to you.

I know for myself I have days where I drink no Kombucha too, and I have days where I drink a gallon of the tea or sometime much more, the better question I think would be the following:

How do I know when I’ve drank too much Kombucha?

drink too much kombucha?

And you can know a few ways, or how can I prevent drinking too much Kombucha? Let’s answer those 2 questions right now:

If your body has something called a cleansing crisis and we’ve done articles and other videos about what a cleansing crisis is, basically if you start getting negative side effects of Kombucha tea, look at how much you’re drinking.

If you break out in a rash, if you’re going to the bathroom a lot, again all these things could be good things it could be just your body trying to get stuff out, but perhaps it’s getting it out too quickly, so I would look at how much you’re drinking and more importantly how much are you drinking in one sitting?

The rule of thumb is, I always say, it’s better to drink 4 ounces of Kombucha 4 times a day, which is, then the same amount¬† all at once, at least at the beginning, so let your body get used to what’s going on.

Second question is:

How can I prevent myself from drinking too much Kombucha Tea?

Really guys it’s water, drink as much water as you possible can. (uh, but of course don’t drink too, too much water – ahem just another benefit of kombucha tea is that it restores electrolytes¬† in case you do happen to have too much of the h20!)

People think, well if this is good for me, maybe if I drink even more of it so it’ll be better for me, but there’s going to be a cut off where, look drinking 10 gallons of water isn’t good for you either, so the reason why I say drink water with your Kombucha Tea or after drinking your Kombucha is a few reasons.

We go into other videos why, but primarily it’s helping flush your liver, so if you have too much Kombucha, without water going through your liver, even though Kombucha helps with your liver, it still gets processed in your liver and anything that’s processed too much you’re going to be taxing your liver.

too much kombucha too much kombucha is based on the person and the kombucha

Again a good rule of thumb also is why do you need to be drinking a gallon of Kombucha?

I drink a gallon of Kombucha sometimes because I need to do quality control, so I’m constantly testing and tasting what’s good, but is that the best for your homemade kombucha?

Small Amount But Often

Probably not, I would say start off, again 4 ounces 4 times day, see how you feel, then maybe do it 8 ounces twice a day, go up, listen you want to go up to 32, 48 ounces, do it, but… (another tip coming up, get ready for the fancy box again)…

The rule of thumb is, I always say, it’s better to drink 4 ounces of Kombucha 4 times a day, which is 16 ounces, then a full 16 all at once, at least at the beginning, so let your body get used to what’s going on.

Listen to your body, see how it reacts, take your time, it’s not a race, it’s better to be the turtle, than a rabbit in the Kombucha game of drinking too much Kombucha tea.

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8 thoughts on “Too Much Kombucha: Can I Drink Too Much Kombucha?

  1. Hi Tea Drinkers:
    I went away for 9 days, leaving a large freshly prepared gallon’ish’ culture brewing and a few smaller ones. I came back to the best ever tasting tea ever! The smaller ones were on the verge of vinegar but the larger one was perfect. I used room temperature and dark cupboards to brew and in the fri9dge now the taste is holding to the decanated taste. Scobie scobie doo! .

  2. I have a question.   I am going to be away for about a month.  How do I store my scobys?  Will they keep ok if I just keep them in either sweet tea, or the kombucha tea?  Do I keep it tightly covered?  at room temp?   Thanks for answering me.   Ruth B.

    • You can store a mother in fresh or brewed liquid. The mother will keep a long time, especially refrigerated. The liquid will eventually become like vinegar, but the mother will stay alive (though it may become stained the color of the liquid). My mother (my actual, biological parent) had a mother in the fridge for between 15 to 20 years. She had it in a jar, folded up, covered with kombucha liquid. I brewed using this as starter. In a week, I had her old mother on the bottom, and a fresh healthy white mother on top.

  3. I'm totally new to trying to make this product, and, I don't know if I need to have 'only' Orange Pekoe tea with this or what. Or, if cheesecloth will work, and, if a gallon milk container will be ok.
    I really need some help with this!
    I've got the 'Mother' here now, in the refrigerator, but, I didn't know I would need anything special to make it, when a friend brought it over!
    I need more specifics on the items I need!
    Right now, I've only got the white sugar, or, organic brown sugar, and, stevia.

    • Kombucha mother is very hearty, and will survive and grow in a wide variety of drinks. I use all sorts of sweetened drinks, to reduce the sweetness, add a tartness, and I also like it when it gets carbonated. One of my favorite flavors so far is from “Alo Allure” water, a sweet drink made with 25% aloe vera juice. Artificial sweetners can be used, the sweetness will remain after brewing. You don’t want only artificial sweetener, though; because, the SCOBY needs some sugar to convert.
      I cover my kombucha while it is brewing with a towel, secured with a rubber band.
      A gallon milk jug will work, but the mother wants air – don’t fill all the way to the neck. Also, with a small neck, the mother may be hard to extract after it has formed a “skin.”
      Mother in liquid will live a long time in the fridge.

  4. Hi I have been brewing the K in a brewer now for 2 weeks without disrupting it and I see there is a thick layer about 1/4 inch floating, it is a thick layer covering the entire surface, white in colour. Is this good?
    Thanks for the informative news letters.

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