Making Kombucha FAQs

Question: Can I make my own Kombucha tea at home? Answer: Absolutely! Anyone can make their own kombucha tea. Question: What do I need to make Kombucha tea at home? Answer: (1 Gallon Kombucha Recipe) You will need Kombucha Mushrooms (also called as SCOBY and Culture), 1 cup of Kombucha mushroom starter, 1 cup organic

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Kombucha Reviews

Make Free Kombucha With The Number One Kombucha Site   *based on having the highest amount of subscribers, customers, and positive reviews compared with any other kombucha brewing site online. See What Home Kombucha Drinkers Have To Say… Hey guys from March of 2006 till February of 2012 I have been providing kombucha instructions ad

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