Different Uses for Kombucha

Kombucha Is Not Only For Drinking


How Many Other Uses for Kombucha Are There?

In addition to drinking Kombucha, Kombucha also has many other uses externally and even around the house, first and foremost, think of Kombucha like vinegar, and what I mean by that is Kombucha and vinegar have very similar traits, in that they both have acetic acid in it.

Kombucha also has many other things that vinegar does not have, so I’m not saying that Kombucha is vinegar, or they share the same benefits, but in this one application, I don’t know I found this book one time, it was like 51 uses for apple cider vinegar, well it could be 51 uses for Kombucha.

Pretty much anything that apple cider vinegar can do, Kombucha can do as well, plus so many other things.

What do I mean by that?

Kombucha is Great for Skin – Especially Sunburns

Well you can use Kombucha as an astringent for your face for your skin. If you have a sunburn if you put Kombucha in a spray bottle and spraying the sunburn area will help take the sting out.

Using the culture, you put it on your skin to heal wounds and things like that, it is a living thing, there’s been stories that people have used Kombucha scobies as a band-aid, like a band-aid, you could actually put it on your face, use it as a face mask.

If it stings too much you can always water it down a little, or incorporate it as an ingredient, one ingredient for other things you’re using as a mud mask or something like that.

Too Much Kombucha Hair Tonic? Honey, I think I overdid the Kombucha Hair Tonic.

Kombucha as a Hair Tonic

You can use it as a hair rinse, I think I have a whole video, I think I did 4 years ago, on how to use a Kombucha hair tonic. You can use the culture itself, you can dry it out, you can use it as a chew toy for your pet.

Kombucha Culinary Uses – Marinade

Other uses, this is one of my favorite things, is using it as a marinade, so you’re still ingesting it, but you’re not drinking it as a beverage, you’re using it as a marinade, Kombucha again because of the acidity, and it’s tea so you’re breaking down the food, so if you’re using it as a meat marinade, it will help break down the food and make it more tender.

Also if you’re using it as a marinade in a salad, great for salad dressings, you want to mix equal parts Kombucha, really fermented Kombucha. People always ask, what do I do I over fermented my Kombucha, it’s too strong, I can’t drink it.

Make Your Own Kombucha Vinegar

Great! Make a balsamic Kombucha vinegar out of it and that’s just Kombucha tea and you could add fresh pressed garlic and ginger and a little bit of olive oil to that, shake it up, wonderful for salads.

Really there’s no end to the possibilities you can use for Kombucha. This was just enough to hopefully spark that imagination and in addition to drinking Kombucha, realize that there’s so many other uses for Kombucha.

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