What Are The Benefits Of Kombucha?

In this Kombucha post we will be discussing the benefits of Kombucha.

This is one of the top questions, aside from where did I get this awesome t-shirt, tea spelled, t, e, a, you know what I’m saying? What are the benefits of Kombucha?

I need to just give a quick medical disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, consult medical people and Kombucha can not, according to the F.D.A., treat, cure, fix, solve, a disease. What I would like to speak about though, are my own Kombucha benefits and the top 5 Kombucha benefits as reported by real Kombucha tea drinkers.

We sent out a survey and here are the findings of the top 5 kombucha benefits.

Kombucha Benefit #1: Kombucha Helps With Digestion

The one that I relate to the most, are the Kombucha benefits with digestion. We can digest our food better and when we’re digesting better, no surprise, Kombucha benefit number 2 is weight loss…

Kombucha Benefit #2: Kombucha Helps With Weight Loss

Me personally, I’ve never been so overweight, but it makes sense for people that might be overweight to help with weight loss, because of Kombucha benefit number 1. If we’re digesting our food better, we’re getting more nutrients, from less calories, so we don’t have to keep eating. Also, we’re eliminating a lot easier as well.

Kombucha Benefit number #3: Kombucha Helps With Energy Levels/ Post Workout Recovery

benefits of kombucha gives you energy

looks like this guys could use some kombucha

This is a combo, more energy, so when people are drinking it, a lot of people get that Kombucha drunk effect and we’ll have other articles on alcohol content in Kombucha, but just know this, if you’re feeling good, it’s not because you’re wasted.

You would have to drink about 50 Kombuchas to get drunk off of Kombucha, but it could be that your liver’s getting cleansed and you’re getting things in your body that you haven’t had in a really long time.

Hand in hand with that is using it as a sports supplement, after a long soccer game, myself I play dodge ball, drinking Kombucha is kind of like getting your Gatorade fix, mainly because of the glucose in Kombucha, which does get consumed a lot, but there’s still some left, glucose and fructose, which gets absorbed very easily after intense workouts and trainings.

Kombucha Benefit number# 4: Kombucha Helps With Sleep

Kombucha benefit number four, and unfortunately I have not experienced this so much, is helping you sleep better. Though I did find that this has helped I’m usually so excited about Kombucha, it’s hard for me to sleep! and Kombucha benefit number 5, my personal favorite…

Kombucha Benefit number# 5: Kombuha Helps With A Hangover

It has been reported that kombucha is great at helping with a hangover. We will do another post on specifically that, how the benefits of Kombucha can help for hangovers in another article or video, until then I hope that helps answer your question, what are the benefits of Kombucha?

Remember you may or may not experience all of the benefits of kombucha, (like me and the sleeping), but if it can help you with just 1 of these areas than the benefits of kombucha tea will be worth it in my opinion.. that and it tastes great!!! so why not baby!?


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  1. Hi! greetings from Indonesia. kombucha is really a wonderful drink especially for the middle age. I suffer from an acute rheumatics, after drinking kombucha for a few days my pains are relieved, and this proof has made me a kombucha brewer at last.

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