When To Drink Kombucha

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When to drink Kombucha? There are so many different variations, different beliefs, different strategies, different opinions, that was the word I was looking for originally, on when to drink Kombucha tea, and it really comes down to, first I’ll tell you what many of the opinions are.

Kombucha To Help Weight Loss

So if you’re looking to lose weight with Kombucha it’s to drink at about 4 ounces before your meal, about 10-15 minutes before your meal.

The theory of that is that it will help your digestive system and in my opinion, is that it will satiate, meaning that there are certain foods, according to Ayurveda and other modalities is that we have different taste buds, so things that are sour, things that are astringent, tend to curb our appetite.

Very similar to that was something called an apple cider vinegar diet, I think it was called back in the day. Also I think there was a grapefruit diet back in the day, that involved consuming grapefruits. There’s a lot of liquid in our body, but it was also the acidity, and acidity also, things like citrus and Kombucha even though it’s acidic externally, will actually help the body once it’s ingested.

So the theory is, if you’re drinking it to lose weight, drink it before a meal.

Kombucha To Help Digestion

If you are looking to maintain, or just general well being or help your digest your food, to drink it after your meal or to sip it a little bit during your meal.

Kombucha To Increase Energy

For energy, drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it will energize you.

Kombucha To Help Candida

If you’re incorporating Kombucha with a Candida type diet, looking to eliminate your Candida, if you choose to consume Kombucha, the best way is overly fermented and in the morning, drink on an empty stomach so that your body can focus on consuming the Kombucha tea.

This is better than having your body work on digesting all this other food and then the small amount of sugar found in Kombucha is then, it gets, the Candida feeds off of it versus your body getting the nourishment.

Kombucha As A Sleep Aid

There’s also a belief of drinking it at night to help fall asleep, so what I say is what works for you.


Listen To Your Body

Now the only way you’re going to discover that is by experimenting and listening to your own body, a lot of people think that that’s just a cop out, people say, well how much Kombucha should I drink? Should I drink Kombucha with meals? Without Meals? And just say, well listen to your body, well really how am I supposed to listen to my body?

Unfortunately, and I’m as guilty of this, we’re so disconnected with our body, we’re watching so much television and are driving around, I see billboards everywhere, that it’s really hard to focus in on our bodies.

One of the things I absolutely love about Kombucha
is it forces you to listen to your body.

Experiment To Get The Best Results

So as an experiment, just an example would be, for one week, only consume Kombucha in the morning on an empty stomach. Make a Kombucha journal, write it down, see how you feel, I know I did this because I’m a nut, I’ve been doing this for a very long time, I’m a nut, I have hundreds of videos on Kombucha, alright?

Believe me I do other things with my life, but it doesn’t appear so on the internet. Another thing, next week only drink Kombucha before a meal and write down, see how you feel, what comes up? How do you feel before drinking it? How do you feel after drinking it?

The third week, only drink Kombucha after your meal, fourth week only drink Kombucha during your meal, fifth week only drink Kombucha when you go to sleep, and that will help out on when to drink Kombucha.

Other Uses For Kombucha

It is not only knowing when to drink kombucha that will bring the best results, there are many other uses for Kombucha too that you may want to check out.

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