Will Kombucha Help Me Sleep?

I know for myself, no, but that’s because I’m always thinking of other ways I can help people brew Kombucha, and different ways I can incorporate Kombucha into my life.

How Do I Go To Sleep With Kombucha?

So 2 things,

1) Kombucha, when brewed using the original recipe, using Camellia sinensis tea, which means black teas, Oolong teas, green teas, all that stuff which has caffeine in it, now different people are sensitive to caffeine differently, and not just caffeine, but types of caffeine.

For example, did you know that things like yerba mate, coffee, chocolate and Camellia sinensis tea, all have caffeine, but when you look at the break down on chemical level, they’re all slightly different, and the way it reacts to our body are also slightly different, because, well what does it also have?

2) So tea has other things in it that coffee does not have, so it’s in my opinion, more of a complimentary, things like theanine that help ground us, that relax us, even though there’s also things like caffeine found in Camellia sinensis tea.

So first I would recommend trying to drink it at night and see how you feel.

different types of tea

The Kombucha Buzz

One of the nice things is Kombucha does have certain things that, I know for myself, that almost like a drunk effect, even though we’ve spoken about it, Kombucha.

Unless you go out of your way and specifically, and there are techniques, which I show you in other trainings on how to make Kombucha alcoholic and Kombucha wine and ways to punch up that alcohol level, regular Kombucha tea will not do that to you, so it will though make you feel good, so some aspects of drinking Kombucha it relaxes you and calms you because tea in general is an adaptogen and Kombucha is also an adaptogen, it’ll give you what you need.

Switch To Non Caffeinated

If though, you feel hyper-stimulated on Kombucha in the evening, I would recommend switching your Kombucha to a non caffeinated source.

I was about to say tea source, but I would just say non caffeinated source because the recommendations I’m about to give you are not actually tea from the tea plant, so these would be things like rooibos , things like honey bush and things like jiagalong.

When you brew this please be mindful to either add a little bit of Camellia sinensis tea to ensure that the nitrogen levels and the tannins of Camellia sinensis, or do an experimental batch so if you’re brewing a couple batches of Kombucha in a couple different containers, using a couple different cultures, have one put aside and call it sleepy time Kombucha.

The nice thing about this is that you can experiment and see what works for you.

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